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Ironicaly while  at the sole time he had written back to me in 2008 the bad Bell Sympatico executive care expert  Sasha Rollins was unacceptably clearly lying to me in writing in his letter as to  how good his past, present  Bell service was to me  in reality at the same time I was without an internet for 3 days even  that next weekend.. and I had to next stay at home for 2 days too before a Bell  repairman finally came to my home at the last minute too. Bad Bell services , more lies, Bell cover-ups, Bell distortions is what I normally got from Bell the last 16 months still too.

I am often told when I phone  the Bell help line, rather lied by Bell employees that someone had already called me from Bell and they had talked to me and that my problems were all resolved. (Sasha Rollins of Bell executive care  had last talked to me December 13, 15 2007, but many more unexpected problems with Bell came up in 2008 and  he did not ever next  return even one of my many  phone calls to him next. Not even  one. It has been my experiences that I get mostly liars talking, dealing with me from Bell  the last 9 months,16 months now too. That is what I detailed all of my complaints, replies , my confirmation in writing and posted it on the net so we can all know the real truth.

—– Original Message —–
From: Paul Kambulow
Sent: Tuesday, April 15, 2008 4:59 PM
Subject: My email and internet services are no longer working too..
April 14, 2008
“The connection to the server has failed. Account: ‘pb’, Server: ‘’, Protocol: POP3, Port: 995, Secure(SSL): Yes, Socket Error: 10061, Error Number: 0x800CCC0E
The connection to the server has failed. Account: ‘pk’, Server: ‘’, Protocol: POP3, Port: 995, Secure(SSL): Yes, Socket Error: 10061, Error Number: 0x800CCC0E”
My email services and internet services are no longer working  today so I will take  this as further harassment for your false failure to meet my contract  obligations, and my rightful subsequent demands.
As per many many weekly, almost daily letters on the subject to  You   all Bell Sympatico has undeniably, clearly falsely, unacceptably had broken it’s High speed unlimited internet contract contractual obligations to me the last 16 months. Since Bell itself has also renegaded on the last 2 make up agreements with me now as well, specifically those made in in July 2007 and in December 2007 with Bell executive personnel too and because I am peaceful loving person I next now do demand now  these terms of of the settlement to Bell Sympatico in relations to their past high speed internet contractual obligations with me seriously-   



1: Bell will pay me fully firstly for 1 year of past internet services, tax included for the much too many years it Bell did not provide me my high speed internet services, specially all of the year 2007.
2: In addition because Bell wants, wanted  to renegade my unlimited contract Bell will next solely charge me for the next 5 months of internet services as being fully unlimited and at the same monthly rather as in 2007 for December 2007, January 2008, February 2008, March 2008, April 2008.
3: Additionally Because Bell has a 100 dollars cancellation contract appropriately Bell will now instead pay me also 100 dollars now for me having to cancel their contract, services rightly too and Bell will pay for all associated costs rather too.
4: And Because Bell has cost me all this needles senseless aggravation, many hours loss of my time Bell will pay me 500 dollars for all the time I wasted dealing now with their poor services now as well.
5: Bell will also immediately give me a full detail printout by mail or email to of all my past, present monthly payments, even for the last 16 months April 2008 included and our internet relationship will terminate as of May 1, 2008 if this is all dully carried out next. By any Bell Violation of the intent of this agreement next they will pay me double of all I had now requested here.







Paul Kambulow 7781a thibert Street,  LaSalle- Montreal, Quebec h8n2c5,
Home  Tel 514-363-7316  (KMM16616921V25471L0KM) etc
Re: constant disconnects Posted 8:37 PM today April 17, 2008 by Paul Kambulow on Bells Sympatico forum
The last 9 months my Bell internet would work one week, and poorly the next three..I was a professional engineer, a University graduate, a past contract manager too with an engineering construction firm, I am now retired, next I investigated and detailed my finding in regard to my continual Bell Sympatico problems the last 9 months, monthly and posted my findings to Bell, to all in writing in writing too. In my case the 7 repairmen did not find any problem with my line.. Firstly Bell did not have any high speed connections in my city, as IBM engineers confirmed it to me, it was technically impossible for them to give me and many others a truly high speed system, never the less Bell robbed us by charging us all for it.          



Hey I was promised here the whole bad Bell matter is being expedited to the highest level.. that was many days ago too.. I am still waiting

They Bell also had made specific promises to me last July, last December, plus I have had 2 Repairmen promise they will come next day and never show up, and 6 managers who said they will call me back the next day and never did too, and Bell next broke all of them too.. all of their promises of providing me now unlisted, unlimited downloads, or a great internet service too.

I had a Bell manager who called me just now to say he was sorry about all the Bell problems I had, he understands my frustration with Bell, and he next asked me if now if everything was all right and I said no, I asked how come Bell has not replied to any of my letters to them in the last ten days, even though they are posted on the net too. I told him about the Bell accounting screw up 3 times this year.. and I asked him how come Bell Sympatico could not give me a copy of my monthly billing of the last 6 months.. he next abruptly hung up the phone.. he too was of no help in the matter. No one had even adequately talked to me about this all from Bell to date as well. Not even this week. 

Read all about it at here too.


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 I found out also that often that Bell made changes on it’s own on my exterior connections, internet profiles under the guise of Bell improvements, or rather Bell screw ups.. when these incompetent at Bell can’t even get my Billing right.. and they make promises to me and break them shortly after that.. now many times.


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