Abused by Bell again..


Because even many managers in Canada, the government too  are not honest, do not tell the truth, they often also do lie as to the actual reasons their product prices are going up, and/or the quality of their services are going down, thus they are still helping to put themselves out of work, out of business eventually and to be rightfully dismissed too.

The Canadian Federal Conservative Party  are claiming now they have enemies everywhere too.

So in desperation, they the Conservatives need to do something, anything, the Conservatives are going to rely again on their own dirty tricks campaign, lawsuits or new dirty adds, blitz, and very costly ones, even financially. But in practice that is too too late for the Conservatives, money rather wasted too, for  blood has been spilt, the damage has been done and you cannot take it bad. Canadian sharks smell a loser’s blood  and thus they are  swimming in for the  kill again?

Does Bell Really Have a P2P Bandwidth Problem?


Bell has been fighting its public relations battle on the premise that P2P is a problem that necessitates throttling practices that inconvenience 100 percent of its users, yet its own data suggests that the problem may not be as severe as first thought.”
But firstly can we trust anything self serving Bell says, for Bell bas proven itself to be  an immoral firm, a big liar  too..
Secondly when the citizens, consumers pay for an internet services, they do not need the extra troublesome hassle, extra time and energy  of looking over the shoulder over Ma Bell’s operation, because Bell for sure cannot be trusted to keep their promised obligations.
Thirdly the Federal Conservatives now  crying out foul,  asking for public support in their election Canada fight too.. but this will fall on many deaf ears when the Conservatives have wrongfully been indifferent to the citizens rightful complaint about Bell’s immoral acts too.
The federal Conservative Minister of Consumer affairs Jim Prentice MP has made it clear today to the news media that  he does not care as to how now Bell abuses their customers, and many citizens are bothered by this on the internet as well.

Abused by Bell again

From: Paul Kambulow
Sent: Wednesday, April 16, 2008 1:21 PM
To: executive.office@bell.ca
Cc: marketplace@cbc.ca ; Dussault.Madeleine@cb-bc.gc.ca
Subject: Re: KMM16616921V25471L0KM) Billing Tel 310 -7873

Well Bell accounting screwed it up again too.. They did apply the credit, the 6 months credit in my high speed in my 6 megs unlimited internet download now, as confirmed in writing again to me last week by Executive Sasha Rollins and you got a copy of that letter now too, to my account but some fool at Bell Sympatico Billing took it upon his own to cancel THIS CREDIT, but this credit was reinstated in April 2008 anyway. Meanwhile the same Bell accounting fool tried to enter my preauthorized bank account to steal more money from me thus, and I of course made sure there was no funds in the account to do so, he tried 2 times in 2 days and cause an overdraft Problem .. and next I was billed twice for my subsequent related Bank’s NSF charges of $37.50 each too as Bell billing this afternoon had Bell’s useless Heidi xn157 had confirmed to me. She was useless cause while she about   30 minutes talked to me on the phone, and had me on hold, all while although Bell had asked me to contact her, as a Bell accounting employee  she says she has no authority to deal with any of this detailed facts of mine, and she was looking if she could find someone next to pas this on to, and I will get the ongoing Bell Billing too run around. This is unacceptable Bell rubbish service again too.

So you Bell undeniably now owe me 2 times 37.50 or 75 dollars on top of anything else you owe me. Send me a cheque for it immediately too. Bell is totally to blame cause Bell Accounting they could not adequately handle, resolve their account screw up as I have complained the last ten days in writing to Bell, all now too. Useless Bell.

Paul Kambulow 7781a thibert Street, LaSalle- Montreal, Quebec h8n2c5,
Home Tel 514-363-7316 (KMM16616921V25471L0KM) etc
copy to news editors, MPs, net, etc.,

PS The Bell accounting Supervisor next had refused to talk to me, he says that only the Bell executive department can deal with this screw up.. another buck passer. Heidi asked me if I want the telephone number of the Bell executive? Sasha Rollins? cause they cannot act upon any yet or read the email I had sent to them already still too?   Did you ever hear of any  accounting department in any major firm  unable to deal with the problems the customers were having with their Billings before? Only; the president can deal with the customers problems, complaints? Unbelievable!!!

Here is what really still surprises me Bell is the leader in telecommunications, we have the supper fast internet, emails today, and yet Bell cannot with it’s big organization deal, thousands of personnel now too, it cannot effectivley deal  with my simple questions, problems, and give an adequate replies, results and not hours later, or days later, not even weeks, not even months later.. That alone should tell you something about   bad big Bell firstly.

It does takes Bell Sympatico to really screw things up..

Also since this ISP industry in unregulated then next how can Bell threaten  to take me to court for my posts about how bad they are too? Bell wants it all, both ways, regulated and unregulated as long as Bell can have it all.. this too is absurd too.




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