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From: Paul Kambulow
Sent: Wednesday, April 16, 2008 2:53 AM
Subject: KMM16616921V25471L0KM) again too..

The 7 the Bell repairman finally showed up at my home on Tuesday April 15, 2008 at 4:30 pm replacing the 10th modem , and It just takes a few hours next, 7 hours,  and my Bell Internet services was even next down AGAIN, the red light on my 2 wire modem was indicating my  problem connecting to the internet. Much too many problems with my Browser connectivity, problems with my email, and problems with Bit torrent downloads, and the related simple question as to “Why Bell sympatico ,once and for all, cannot simple give me a decent, reliable, steady, adequate, continuous high speed internet service”  remains UNANSWERED. A simple question! The answers this question varies depending on who you talk to, and Bells promises to deal with it adequately are rarely next kept even.. so once again the THE  SUPERVISOR TODAY AT BELL SERVICE CENTER Tel: 310-7873 SAYS HE BASICALLY CANNOT HELP ME, BECAUSE THE BELL TEST CENTER IS CLOSED, BUT HE WILL CALL THE TEST CENTER TOMORROW AND HE WILL ASK THEM THE SAME QUESTION.
Why cannot Bell not fix my problem plagued Bell internet services once and for all? Most customers with my much too many past problems  by now would have left Bell’s DSL service  for elsewhere, especially a cable service, and many have.
Mere cheap words, promises  is what I  have heard 6 times before from other Bell supervisors, and MORE cheap promises  too, all mostly with the same bad results next too,  me having a lousy internet connection, to have a good connection from Bell for this real actions on Bell’s part is needed and it will will be louder than their cheap words, I am sorry about your problems, bad service, etc., but still positive real actions would mean Bell spending real money on upgrading Bell’s clearly inadequate DSL equipment, cables money and  Bell is clearly not spending it wrongfully too, it prefers to put their capital into their new wireless internet services instead, where they can next again screw many Bell customers with more false, unkept promises and charge them more money too..  and that is why hundreds? thousands of Bell customers make the same complaint too, Internet Connectivity problem, even on the Bell Sympatico site http://www.supportcommunity.sympatico.ca .
 So to get real actions, to show how serious I am to get real , adequate Bell results I am rightfully now asking Bell to be rightly penalized for not keeping their contract obligations, by again starting to  paying me   some serious money penalties rightfully too , and maybe they will wake up to my rightful complaints, the negative reality of their poor Internet services with me. Some how I doubt it.
Is that clear enough for you?

Paul Kambulow 7781a thibert Street,  LaSalle- Montreal, Quebec h8n2c5,
Home  Tel 514-363-7316  (KMM16616921V25471L0KM) etc
copy to news editors, MPs, net, etc.,
PS Bell I still want you to deal with the Bell Sympatico liar,  thief in India who falsely made my internet account changes, and stole my money into it without my approval, knowledge too as detailed…. and continue to look what the fools at bell continue to make false changes to my Bell internet services profile which varies from 1 megs, 2 megs, 5 megs, 6 megs, 7 megs, and now all  contrary to Bell’s promises, advertisement of a steady High speed system too, or Bell’s advertisement that ” Bell delivers reliable Internet access, assuring consumers that they can get on the  Net when they want to and stay there as long as they need”…is also clearly a lie….” Bell’s advertised “Choice of consistent super fast speed” is also a lie for the speed varied and often…  Bell’s advertised “Best price” is also a lie.. and do still deal with Bell’s false capping of my bit torrent too..

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