Now why does all this rightfully remind me still of Bell Sympatico now too. 

The New conservatives had won the last federal election  by the help of the news media but now also  by lying. not keeping their promises and also by skull drudgery it seems. Opposition leaders accuse Tories of ‘cheating,’ saying alleged scheme could have altered ’06 vote by deliberately exceeding campaign spending limits.
 MP Ralph “ Goodale suggests election was ‘tainted’; High-ranking Liberal questions government’s legitimacy in the wake of a recent RCMP raid on Tory headquarters . Three senior officials in the Harper government, including the prime minister’s Quebec lieutenant and transport minister, Lawrence Cannon, are referenced in court documents supporting last week’s search of Conservative party headquarters over the “in and out” election finance investigation.” Duceppe also lashed out at the Tory party’s attempts to hand-pick media outlets for a briefing on the affair Sunday, saying “they chose the journalists, just like they want to choose the judges, choose the books we should read, choose the movies we should see. … This is the old Reform party coming back.” New Democrat MP Pat Martin (Winnipeg Centre) went further, calling for “serious consequences,” including barring the 67 Tories implicated in the scheme from running in the next election.”

“Along with all the usual suspects – judges, bureaucrats, senators and non-compliant reporters – the ruling party is now in a street fight with Elections Canada. Those are the same above-reproach, non-partisan folks sent abroad as a model for countries where cheating is common and results rigged. In coming from behind to win in 2006, the party just did what others have done by moving money between national and local campaigns.” And they the new Conservatives had lied when they had said before to us all elect us and we will show you an honest, different form of government too.

“As finance minister in the Martin government, Goodale was the target of an RCMP investigation during the 2006 election over alleged leaks of sensitive financial information about taxing income trusts. He was cleared but RCMP complaints commission officials said recently that the naming of Goodale represented a change in police policy which may well have affected the outcome of the 2006 election. “This was a very, very close election,” Goodale said  Some calculations put the crucial difference at as few as 10,000 votes to tip the 2006 result in Harper’s favour. “When you calculate $1 million in extra advertising, which is what the chief electoral officer is alleging, you factor that in with things like the income trust investigation and there are some very large question marks.” “

Trying to seal the significant loss of public, media  support the federal conservatives resorted even lately  to damage control secrecy, spin control instead of being fully honest in the matter.
“In a scene out of a second-rate bedroom farce, government operatives skulked around, moving a “secret” briefing for select media outlets from one hotel to another. Most reporters were barred, while a few others, of varying political stripes, were admitted to a closed session. Certainly the topic at hand — allegations that the Tory party outspent its election limit by $1 million — deserves further explanation. The pertinent documents were scheduled to be released Monday anyway. Why would the Harper government go out of its way to further alienate the press corps, in this case including those friendly to Conservatives?”
Of course lately this isn’t the first time Stephen Harper’s Conservative government has shown a preference for control, spin doctoring, dictatorship, secrecy and false partiality, RACIAL, ETHNIC and GENDER  BIas too, and next even media favoritism and I have said that was rightfully unacceptable still a long time ago too. Unacceptably the Calgary Christian Missionary Alliance church, a false Christian church as I have detailed why before too, , the preferential Christian denomination Christian Missionary Alliance of the professing Christian evangelical  Prime Minister Stephen Harper  wrongfully  does all  that too as I have witnessed first hand many times too is never acceptable, so it is clear why Harper does the same things.

“MP Gilles Duceppe said the Conservatives shouldn’t complain about being held to a higher standard” for they had claimed they were going to be more  honest too.

Ouch that  has to got to hurt.. Canadian sharks smell a loser’s blood  and thus they are  swimming in for the  kill again?

 Undeniably Stephen Harper term has been a continuous one step forward and two backwards. A very dangerous act in a minority government especially. Mind you that is just a sample of the many, many negative comments, adds about the Conservatives  freely circulated freely by many,  the news media to all the citizens.

So in desperation, they the Conservatives need to do something, anything, the Conservatives are going to rely again on their own dirty tricks campaign, lawsuits or new dirty adds, blitz, and very costly ones, even financially.   But in practice that is too too late for the Conservatives, money rather wasted too, for  blood has been spilt, the damage has been done and you cannot take it bad. Canadian sharks smell a loser’s blood  and thus they are  swimming in for the  kill again?         THE REALITY IS THAT NO PARTY, LEADER, OR HIS MINISTERS, MPS CAN WIN REELECTION WITH OUT THE SUPPORT OF THE MAJORITY OF THE NEWS EDITORS, REPORTERS, NEWS MEDIA IN CANADA STILL.. which they the Conservative losers clearly now do not have in Quebec or in Ontario


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