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One step forward and two steps backwards seem how the Conservatives in Ottawa  get ahead still even with their advertising strategies.. and can you believe it the Tories still have the nerve to divert their own sins, immoral acts by bashing the Liberals still? “There is a principle that applies to all facets of our common law that you can’t do indirectly what is expressly prohibited directly.” Tories need to look at themselves firstly still too.
Neither party is doing much to impress the voters  Vancouver Sun,  Canada – This isn’t new — which speaks to Stephen Harper’s disinclination to react constructively to criticism. Polls consistently have sent a message that Harper
New Democrats cashing in on Liberals’ indecisiveness   Toronto Star,  Canada – 4 An NDP fundraising appeal that asked, “Who will stand up to Stephen Harper’s agenda?” proved a winner for the party. “We’ll stand in our places and vote
Federal politics: Is there any daylight ahead? RALPH SURETTE, Canada – For the Harper Tories, the authoritarianism and underhanded manipulation is part of the manual. They can’t help it.
“The Conservatives has the worst communications strategy I’ve observed in 30 years of chronicling the actions of governments across Canada. Conservatives cultivate an image as a stern and secretive bunch . The next election promises to be a crapshoot. And only fools will put big money on one party or the other winning the next minority government. ” “As for the Liberals, things being what they are, they’ll come to power, tentatively, sometime.” and who says it will be even an improvement?  ” The New Democrats remain saddled with their age-old Achilles Heel – the tendency of their supporters to bolt to the Liberals on election day in hopes of defeating the Conservatives.”
“During the 2006 election campaign, the Tories moved $1.2 million from their cash-rich national campaign in and out of 67 local campaigns across the country, so that it would appear on the books of the local campaigns, rather than on the books at headquarters. The party bought all the advertising from a private company, Retail Media, rather than having local campaigns buy it, as the Elections Act requires. Early in the campaign, an official with Retail Media e-mailed the Tories to express the concern that this may not be legal and suggested that the Elections Canada broadcasting arbitrator be consulted. The party told him not to do so. It looks like the Tories did not want to check with Elections Canada to see if their creative accounting procedures would be acceptable to the agency.  Also, according to court documents, at least one invoice submitted by a local campaign appears to have been altered with whiteout, seemingly to create the impression that the local campaign was being billed separately. This has led the Liberals to call for a forgery and fraud investigation by the RCMP.”
“OTTAWA–Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservatives are losing voters’ support – a trend accelerated by the RCMP raid last week on Tory headquarters, according to a Toronto Star/ Angus Reid poll released today.  The Conservatives stand at 33 per cent support across Canada, a loss of three percentage points since a similar poll in March. A majority of those polled – 58 per cent – believe that the Conservatives’ credibility has been damaged by their ongoing dispute with Elections Canada over the so-called “in and out” financing of the last election, which resulted in the RCMP raid of party headquarters more than a week ago. Even in Alberta, a bastion of Conservative support, a majority – 51 per cent – believe the party’s credibility has been eroded. “

“There’s irony in the notion that the Harper government finds itself under the gun over its election advertising . Political advertising has played a pivotal role in the Conservative party’s rising fortunes, and persists as the party’s preferred means of communicating with the public. But advertising lately has become a headache for the party, being forced to account for its spending on national ads during the 2006 election… the Conservatives won the last election in large part by being paragons of propriety, making accountability legislation a cornerstone of their election platform. The squeaky clean image was designed to contrast with the tarnish on the Liberal brand following the Quebec sponsorship scandal… Stephen Harper has embraced the mantra “playing by the rules.” His party, he asserts, is the one that represents Canadians who play by the rules. Yet here the Conservatives are accused of grabbing unfair advantage through a secretive scheme involving cash transfers between national and local Conservative campaigns… “

“Advertising is important to the Conservatives because they’ve experienced difficulty communicating by other means. The PM has alienated the Ottawa press corps and shied away from both formal news conferences and impromptu scrums. He appears before media mostly in photo ops, with no questions permitted. In addition, journalists, following the 2006 vote, were restricted in their access to the Centre Block area where the cabinet meets and Harper’s ministers often appear muzzled. With advertising, Conservatives have found that they can tightly control scripting and visuals to achieve their communications goals. And, having perfected the art of fundraising under tighter political financing rules, the party has been flush with money to spend on the favoured communications tool.  Conservatives raised four times more money than Liberals in 2007 –about $12 million — which helped them finance a prominent series of ads  Unfortunately for the Conservatives, ensuring such advertising supremacy over the Liberals required the circuitous financial machinations that now threaten the party’s reputation.”

The Tories spins are too late, the damage has been done, again and again.. and fighting with the news media who tend to represent the Citizens firstly is a stupid mistake for any politician, party.

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