Action required, not mere words

Supreme Court puts muzzle on sniffer dogs in Canada but real actions by the government still do speak louder than words.
OTTAWA —   Supreme Court of Canada rulling Friday   tightened the leash on police powers to use the canines for random sweeps.  “In its first pronouncement on sniffer dogs, the court sided 6-3 with a high-school student from Sarnia, Ont., and a Vancouver man who was caught with cocaine in his luggage at a Calgary bus terminal. “We’re no longer going to be able to show up and randomly search,” said Tom Stamatakis, vice-president of the Canadian Police Association. In both cases, police violated the charter right against unreasonable search and seizure by allowing their dogs to embark on general sniff searches of a school and bus depot without more concrete reasons to suspect drugs were present, the Supreme Court said.” The two rulings are expected to end routine searches in public places like schools and bus and train stations for now. The federal Justice Ministers can enact new legislation to overcome rightfully as soon as possible this shortcoming and they should.  The court decisions, however, were, are silent on airports, where police dogs routinely sniff the luggage of passengers entering the country. “Past Supreme Court rulings have established that privacy rights are lower when weighed against the need to secure the borders, prompting speculation that sniffer dogs will continue to be used at airports in the absence of a specific legal challenge. “It’s fair to say the decisions wouldn’t apply to airports,” predicted Brent Olthuis, a lawyer for the B.C. Civil Liberties Association, noting that neither case involved matters of border security. Quasi-private shopping malls, where private security guards are sometimes called in with sniffer dogs, are another “grey area,” said Stamatakis. The Supreme Court invited lawmakers to step in an spell out specific police powers with sniffer dogs. “Any perceived gap in the present state of the law on police investigative powers arising from the use of the sniffer dogs is a matter better left for Parliament,” wrote Justice Louis LeBel.”
Gangs and drugs,  alcohol are are still a big problem on Indian reservations and elsewhere. Why?  all while zero tolerance for gang affiliations or child pornography,  has developed too. We can tackle the supply of drugs by taking on and defeating the criminal gangs who should be treated in the same way as subversive organizations were. ” We all do  have to send a message loud and clear to the gangs – you are not tolerated and If you are caught  you will be charged. In many cases such gangs are linked to organized crime. You need to fully also go after the gang leaders who are making money using the kids and drugs to do it.   The government can now wrest control of violence-plagued reserves  by having zero tolerance for gangs and by banning drugs and alcohol from homes,  with the help of  RCMP and the courts. I can tell you that our government is committed to ensuring that Canada will not be safe haven for those who pose a threat to our national security or the safety of our families and communities. On this, our tolerance level is zero,” Stockwell Day but real actions by the government   still do speak louder than words. 
The most successful policing model in modern terms is the “zero tolerance” model used in New York . The strategy was known there as “one broken window” following the observation that where there were broken windows and rubbish in streets there was crime. During the programme’s operation in New York, the number of murders plummeted from 2,262 to 629.”
Also “Fear of imprisonment has very little effect on a heroin addict but has a dramatically different impact on a company director who dabbles in cocaine – middle class drug use is helping to fund the violence and we need to adopt a zero tolerance policy towards it”.
I have a civil engineering degree, Concordia University , Montreal 1968, and I had worked as a Remax Realtor in Calgary too but in my decades of real life experiences in Canada the existing laws, regulating societies, governments clearly did not stop many Realtors,  lawyers or even now Bell Sympatico from telling lies to the customers, others. Nor did  the RCMP always get their man or the police, courts for that matter too.
From: paul kambulow
Sent: Wednesday, April 23, 2008 12:34 PM
To: ; 1-866-317-3382
Cc: ; Bell Sympatico Billing at tell 310-7873 ; ; ;
Subject: Sympatico Interent account KMM16616921V25471L0KM) (KMM16680724V58934L0KM)

I now do realize that I have been told many times now by Bell on the phone, on the net that my internet account matter now has been escalated to the Highest level at Bell, specially Bell executive care services, and that as usual I might have been lied to now again by Bell, lying is what Bell mostly does in my last 18 months of dealing with Bell directly too. So please now today
1: Inform me the specific date that my Unlimited high speed download account had started and was next ended.
2: Give me the name of the person specially from Bell who to get a commission had lied that I had upgraded my Bell unlimited account, and who said that I also had asked to have my modem upgraded as well.
3: Give me also the mailed copies of my last 6 months billings in full as well
4: Do Deal with my many other rightful complaints, demands sent to Bell now too..
And for most of this 2 days respond time should be adequate for Bell..

Thank you

Paul Kambulow 7781a thibert Street, LaSalle- Montreal, Quebec h8n2c5,
Home Tel 514-363-7316 Bell reference (KMM16616921V25471L0KM) etc

When will I get it all?

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