Many times the PM Stephen Harper was proven wrong

“We remain extremely confident in our legal position,” Prime Minister Stephen Harper said following a RCMP raid — or “visit” as the Conservatives tried to spin it — on his party’s headquarters.   

Where have we heard this kind of assurances before? Ah yes, I remember, thanks to some prompting from Liberal head (it’s hard to call him “Leader” as voting for legislation you don’t agree with to avoid an election isn’t leadership) Stéphane Dion. As Dion stated, “The Prime Minister said he was confident he didn’t break donation laws at the Montreal convention in 2005. He was proven wrong. 

 He said he was confident in his case against Allan Riddell, the candidate they dropped in Ottawa South. He was proven wrong. So how can he expect anyone to believe him when it comes to the ‘in–and–out scheme?’” “

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