Bell does not care

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Subject: Bell executive Care Sasha Rollins
Attention Bell executive Care and Bell’s Sasha Rollins May 5, 2008

So ” based on Bell’s term of service, your numerous emails will no longer be tolerated..” nor my right to complain, my right of free speech to you too ? Another PM Stephen Harper bad act clearly too. Dream on..

Per your letter sent to me dated April 30, 3008 So you state in writing you will terminate my contract, my internet services within 30 days, Specifically May 30, 2008 because I have written you to you too many letters of rightful complaints. Specific email letters that prove that you have not kept your contract obligations to me the last many years even. That you guys lied when you said you will phone me back, and get back to me about my rightful complaints too. My telling the truth to all is according to you now Harassing language? Your one sided abuse of me on your customer site was also wrongfully acceptable to you now too? yes I HAD REPEATED TO YOU THAT THAT that you are in breach OF CONTRACT AND THAT IS IS YOU THAT ARE NOW FALSELY HARASSING ME.. Still you do refer to your previous 3 letters, but only one received this year, I also still refer you to the 277 rightful email letters that firstly you did not deal with adequately still too, and yes on top of that you even have not returned one phone call to make this year Sasha Rollins now too… and yes now many of the letters are posted on the net since October 2007. Is that all you could do in reply to my many rightful complaints, cut of my internet service? Still yes everyone saw on the net, witnessed in the news media, governments, that you had , and did not deny Bell ‘s wrong doings that I have detailed now in 277 emails as well. And now it is too late to do so as well even.

Now whey did I expect you rightfully to be a decent, honorable persons to start of with. It was clearly my mistake. I still expect you rightfully to pay me my full damages I had previously rightfully requested for your unacceptable and undeniable contract breaches to me too.. Even one year payment of free internet services, and $1000.00 for my damages, troubles, problems.

Paul Kambulow 7781a thibert Street, LaSalle- Montreal, Quebec h8n2c5,
Home Tel 514-363-7316 KMM16616921V25471L0KM (KMM16681313V70004L0KM)

PS: This letter is also Posted on the net too.. by the way most people will treat you the way you do treat others, and they will suspend your services next too likely. For the way you treat me is undeniably likely the way you treat many other persons, Bell customers, I am not an employee of Bell rather that you can Internet fire, but a Bell customer, that you had failed in your job clearly to be of adequate service to me and to resolve my complaints adequately and undeniably now too. We all do also readily see often in the News now as to how Bell undeniably ABUSES, mistreats their other customers too, the ISP subcontractors too.

Next a letter to the President of Bell’s office accusing them of helping thieves at Bell to steal from me too?

From: Paul Kambulow
Sent: Monday, May 05, 2008 7:17 PM
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Subject: SaskTel fires employee after allegations worker filed false sales transactions – Yahoo! Canada News

Attention Sasha Rollins – Bell, Bell executive care

“Canadian Press REGINA – An official with SaskTel says the telephone company has adopted new procedures after allegations arose that a worker filed false sales transactions to gain a commission. The Crown agency says it’s working with its lawyers to try to recover about $24,000, while the employee, who worked for a subsidiary in Calgary, has been fired. The employee was working for Direct West, SaskTel’s business directory service in Alberta. Michelle Englot, a spokeswoman for SaskTel, says head office will now send a letter to anyone purchasing advertising in such publications within 10 days. She says it’s hoped purchases will be confirmed that way, instead of relying on sales representatives. ”

Now I am not alone here too, for I have already man times had detailed to you in writing, and to the news media, the RCMP, that another Bell customer had also complained on the Bell Symaptico Customer forum this year that a Bell employee lied, made false sales transactions to gain a commission , and he had made changes to his internet account, without the customer’s knowledge and permission, authorization, and you next have specially not even denied this. I had specially said to you often too that I never had in 2008 nnver had authorized any useless Sympatico internet upgrade nor for that matter had asked for any modem upgrade. Now is it still your wrongful practice to allow such thefts, fraud by Bell employees the reasons you have wrongfully not deal with this , nor had denied it back to me now as well, and have not deal with theissue, and was why you have also tried to wrongfully here silence me too?

Paul Kambulow 7781a thibert Street, LaSalle- Montreal, Quebec h8n2c5,
Home Tel 514-363-7316 KMM16616921V25471L0KM (KMM16681313V70004L0KM)

PS: I was still very surprised next when a person from Bell now even wrote to me to tell me even what I could and could not write to them in my emails and also how many letters now even too .. for they are dreaming.. dreaming absurdities.. what about some real repentance from them firstly for their own clearly unacceptable, undeniable poor and immoral acts firstly and rightfully still too. Who does he think he is? I know what he is, an abuser still, an unacceptable bully too!!