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“Smear tactics in Ottawa     May 15, 2008 04:30 AM  Just how low are Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservatives prepared to stoop to get the better of their political critics? Pretty low, it would appear. When Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion criticized the government for misleading Parliament on Canadian troops handing over Afghan detainees, Harper retorted: “I can understand the passion (the Liberals) feel for Taliban prisoners. I just wish occasionally they would show the same passion for Canadian soldiers.” More recently Harper, who has been criticized for being reflexively pro-Israel, accused unnamed Members of Parliament of being “willing to cater to” anti-Israel sentiment that is thinly veiled anti-Semitism. As Liberal Bob Rae pointed out, that was a “blanket smear.” Now Tory MP Jason Kenney has dropped the bar another notch in a nasty exchange with Sen. Roméo Dallaire. Dallaire told a parliamentary committee this week that the United States and, by association, Canada risk “slipping down the slope” toward moral equivalency with terrorists by trying people like Canadian Omar Khadr in military courts where they are denied normal legal rights. Kenney promptly twisted Dallaire’s point: “Is it your testimony that Al Qaeda strapping up a 14-year-old girl with Down’s syndrome and sending her into a pet market to be remotely detonated is the moral equivalent to Canada’s not making extraordinary political efforts for a transfer of Omar Khadr to this country?” Dallaire shot back, rightly, that Kenney was positing “extreme scenarios.” Kenney’s point was also factually wrong, wildly hyped and calculated to deflect attention from Ottawa’s shabby disregard for human rights. Rather than answer his critic, Kenney smeared him. The Conservatives discredit themselves with such tactics. “

 and this is the same Conservative party that tries to enforce legal circumcisions, reference the Cadman Affair, they try to intimitate, sue people who say the bad negative  things they do not like to hear.. and they clearly are just as bad as Bell Sympatico that I have often witnessed, detailed and who did or/do many of the same bad things, including bullying, lying,  abuses, oppressions false, misleading advertising.. so it is now wonder they wrongfully do not do anything good about bad Bell now too.

“OTTAWA, May 13 (UPI) — Canada’s privacy commissioner is investigating allegations major Internet service providers can monitor customers’ online activities without consent. The University of Ottawa’s Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic complained the practice is contrary to the country’s privacy legislation, the Canwest News Service reported Tuesday. At issue is technology called Deep Packet Inspection, which providers use to slow Internet traffic during peak times for users taking a lot of bandwidth with such activities as video downloads. The clinic alleges DPI can be used to reassemble e-mail messages and to keep track of Web searches and sites visited to create profiles for targeted marketing campaigns.”

Ken Englehart, the head of regulatory affairs for Rogers Communications, said the company has no interest in content but rather speed. “We don’t know what that content is. We don’t know whether it’s video or voice,” he told the news service. “It’s just being done to separate the content into two streams, so we don’t think there is any privacy issue whatsoever.”

But “tragedy113 wrote: Rogers is lying. Read the following e-mail and know that they knew my IP, exactly what I was downloading (A back up copy for a game that I already own) how I was downloading it, the time I was downloading it, the size of the file I was downloading… following is a cut down copy of the letter they sent.

you are prohibited from using the Rogers Yahoo! Hi-Speed Internet service to engage in illegal activities, including activities that infringe copyright. Copies of our EUA and AUP are available at:
Where there has been a violation of our EUA and/or AUP, including the unauthorized distribution of copyright-protected material, Rogers has the right to take appropriate action against you.
Please do not reply to this e-mail.
We trust you will comply with our policies and all applicable laws in using the Rogers Yahoo! Hi-Speed Internet service.
EUA Management Team
Rogers Yahoo Hi-Speed Internet

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