Some people think that all persons who profess to be religious are now solely the  bad persons but  in reality there are good and bad persons now,  including  bad, hypocritical, pretentious persons in every segment  of society, religious or non religious, and many of these bad persons  now  can be simply recognized specially because they do not allow the free speech of others and  why? They really do not want negative truth to be made known by others so they next falsely try oppressions, to bully any oppositions into a false submission to them.  Confirming to all as to how bad they still really are too.


I clearly do believe in the right of everyone to speak and to be equally heard by all, so we can all judge what has been said if it is appropriate and we can next corresponding act upon it, in the church, in the government, on the internet now too. Clearly some people falsely DO DISALLOW THIS RIGHT.
1 Cor 12:28 So God has appointed some in the church [for His own use]: first apostles (special messengers); second prophets; third teachers; then wonder-workers; then those with ability to heal the sick; helpers; administrators; [speakers in] different (unknown) tongues.
1 Cor 14:29 So let two or three prophets speak, while the rest pay attention {and} weigh {and} discern what is said.
Luke 6:26 Woe to (alas for) you when everyone speaks fairly {and} handsomely of you {and} praises you, for even so their forefathers did to the false prophets.
Matt 7:1 DO NOT judge {and} criticize {and} condemn others, so that you may not be judged {and} criticized {and} condemned yourselves. 2  For just as you judge {and} criticize {and} condemn others, you will be judged {and} criticized {and} condemned, and in accordance with the measure you [use to] deal out to others, it will be dealt out again to you.
James 3:1 NOT MANY [of you] should become teachers (self-constituted censors and reprovers of others), my brethren, for you know that we [teachers] will be judged by a higher standard {and} with greater severity [than other people; thus we assume the greater accountability and the more condemnation].
Now coming back to the right of to Free speech.. I had posted in reply on a religious site..  Try to read the Bible itself directly, mostly, and often, daily  and next see the real positive changes it makes in your own life, and not just continue on reading the books, commentaries, or listening to the tapes, etc… 
 Danny responsed and said said   >>Finally, I vehemently disagree with your comment regarding commentaries and think it displays an arrogance that astounds me.  

I next had replied..  It rather is self revealing that STATEMENT OF YOURS.. Boy how different that reply was from many others too that I got elsewhere to the same post too..  ..  I loved that response, a personal attack, instead of debating the facts, touchy, judge not or you will be judged  too.. Now you next result to censorship, all reminds me of the inqusition
Excess baggage  (Isa 30:1 KJV)     Woe to the rebellious children, saith the LORD, that take counsel, but not of me; and that cover with a covering, but not of my spirit, that they may add sin to sin:

 (Psalms 119:16 KJV)  I will delight myself in thy statutes: I will not forget thy word. Like many of you now too I have personally encountered many evangelical pastors who were supposedly now even called by God to Minister to his people, to Minister to God himself. first do like to visit the pastor’s study, to particularly see all of the Books on his shelf, for they tend to explain often his misplaced emphasis, false values, priorities.. Too many pastors still do rely  too often rely on their denominational, academic, theological training over the direct training of the Spirit of God too, and  so next it is not confidential, coincidental that their own Knowledge of the Bible itself, of God and His Holy Sprit is very appalling too. Try to read the Bible itself directly, mostly, and often, daily  and next see the real positive changes it makes in your own life, and not just continue on reading the books, commentaries, or listening to the tapes, etc…  There are so many various, different Christian denominations that have so many contradictory different beliefs now as well in Christianity, to the unbelievers it is thus often difficult to understand, appreciate how there could me so many radical cults,. sects divisions in Christianity. And frankly it was all hard for me to understand   as well till I had realized that most people firstly in the Christian Churches  still really not even real Christians, not even 30 percent of them now, the pastors, elders, members included.. and also importantly, secondly most people, at least 95 percent of the professing Christians they still do not even read their Bibles more than 5- 15 minutes a day, and there lies the root, main problem again. On top of that there are much too many false protestant denominations and seminaries, cemeteries that I like to rightfully to call them who still wrongfully do put men at the center of the Bible, the church, not God, while others the Catholics  are falsely also trying to put a woman, Mary at the center.. and these groups encourage you not to read the Bible for yourself, that might be dangerous, for you would know the truth and it might set you free in many areas of your life, rather they still even today wrongfully teach you, instruct you to use approved commentaries, approved men, and denominations such as even the Baptists,  and the Dallas Theological cemetery, or the Middy, Zondervan Press, and the Plymouth Brethren dispensationalists with their Darby Bibles too,  and there is the Catholics still of course…For example-  Some RECOMMENDED COMMENTARY SETS.. Fundamental Baptist CD-ROM Library Preacher’s Bible Study Library, and  other Foundational Bible Study Aids such as  -STRONG’S EXHAUSTIVE CONCORDANCE OF THE BIBLE by James Strong (1822-1916).   links the English words to an exceptional dictionary of the Hebrew and Greek terms underlying the English. -TREASURY OF SCRIPTURE KNOWLEDGE.   by Thomas Scott (1747-1821), an Anglican minister or the  The New Treasury of Scripture Knowledge edited by Jerome Smith contains more than 670,000 references, plus extensive additional topical and word studies, but we cannot recommend it because of the undependable nature of the notes. For example, the note by 1 Timothy 3:16 claims the word “God” should be omitted, and the note by Acts 8:38 claims that baptism is not by immersion). ENGLISHMAN’S GREEK CONCORDANCE OF THE NEW TESTAMENT. This reference work was first published in 1840. In 1979, a revised edition was published which is numerically coded to Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance, thus facilitating its use by students who do not know Greek.   ENGLISHMAN’S HEBREW-CHALDEE CONCORDANCE. This is the same as the above except that it deals with the Old Testament Hebrew words. Published by Baker Book House and Hendrickson. The Englishman’s Greek Concordance and Hebrew-Chaldee Concordance  ALL AMERICAN DICTIONARY OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE by Noah Webster (1758-1843)  On top of all that there is still this false crap to me is the best word that describe sit too still, the idea that you have to learn Greek, Hebrew to be a real good Christian or a good Christian pastor .. and historically now that certainly has not been the case.. In fact sadly most of the people I had encountered from these denominations were still real bad, lousy, unacceptable Christians in reality.Also in regards to MANNERS AND CUSTOMS OF BIBLE LANDS by Fred Wight.  . An alternative is MANNERS AND CUSTOMS IN THE BIBLE by Victor Matthews.  Or the BAKER’S BIBLE ATLAS by Charles Pfeiffer.  -WAY OF LIFE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE BIBLE & CHRISTIANITY by David W. Cloud (1949- ). The 2nd edition of this Bible Encyclopedia (January 199 8) contains 560 pages (8.5X11) of information, over 5,500 entries, and over 6,000 cross references.   It is the only Bible dictionary/encyclopedia that is written by a Fundamental Baptist and based strictly upon the King James Bible.  And you need the -TOPICAL STUDIES., the Way of Life Bible Encyclopedia. If you have the Way of Life Encyclopedia you have access to these topical studies and to the vast cross reference system, which is much more extensive than those you will find in other Bible dictionaries. Scofield Reference Bible. Nave’s Topical Bible  Thomp
son Chain Reference,   Torrey’s New Topical Textbook, and Condensed Biblical Cyclopedia.   
and what really gets my toilet paper running is those people who lie to me, the Christians judiazers, and others who falsely say that to really understand the Bible you have to understand the Jewish culture at which the Bible was written in..   Firstly the Old Testament Jewish culture, next the one even at the time of Christ.. and to do that it is still next to impossible even to start of with cause there are few books, likely only 2 authors, who had historically  try to deal with the subject of the historical Jewish culture at the time at Christ, even serious archeologists cannot get any grasp, any  good Historical picture at all on this too., Plus there is the recommend ed  SWORDSEACHER Bible.  SwordSearcher has a host of features and resources for improving your Bible study, featuring numerous resources, including  commentaries, dictionaries, maps, illustrations, and topical guides. But still the real problem on top of al that is the truth that most people do not practice the Bible, the part, the revelations from God they know already firstly.. never mind reading the Bible itself firstly itself.     Now here is a basic concept of approaching the Bible that we all do now need to understand, to follow.. Note this when you walk into a  drug store you do not need a Pharmacists degree to firstly use any of  the medicine that you need.. and beyond the shadow of a doubt one trying to use every medicine now that the Pharmacists has in stock will definitely make you incurably ill too..  so clearly you need the advice first of the qualified specialist, doctor, or pharmacist to help you personally to select the right medicine and the duration, frequency of it’s use now as well..  but now well you have one, the Holy Sprit, the great physicians Jesus Christ himself.. ask him prayerfully to lead and guide you, to tell you what part of the Bible you should be now reading. 
 Next here is a reply, negative reaction j  I got from Danny said  to the  nonconformer,” calling into question people’s faith and salvation is not allowed on this blog. I’m banning you from the comments section.”
Danny’s inabilities to face the truth or to discuss it is very common reaction, not a  very outstanding fact, as well as his negative approach now next too. And I certainly would never go to this church now too and rightfully so.. it is a demonic church rather. You can always tell what any person is like by what he does.. bad persons do bad things.
Now in Canada even  I am very used to people the much too many Bullies who  try to falsely dominate you, and these bullies go overboard in their reactions when you expose the truth about them and others  especially when their pet idols, or careers are threatened.  Me I am still rightfully actively resistant  to all of the  abusers, bullies, liars, even to the Church, GOVERNMENTAL, CORPORATE, POLICE  oppressions still too.
For example-  The oppressive police enforcement of revenue generating speeding is basically economically beneficially   hopefully  to a very small, isolated segment of society, the related cops, judges, lawyers, and it is false  job security approach for them. While the government of Alberta fails to often still to  deal with the still much too many bad managers, bad civil and public servants abusing tax payers money, even stealing,  not doing their jobs properly, unnecessarily taking out of town trips and charging it to the job still, Alberta today  is putting 15 new sheriffs on the road in Alberta. Alberta for decades, and the police  has been falsely preoccupied with putting every person in jail in Calgary, and Edmonton, all of  Alberta for speeding,  it seems and was another main reasons they spent so much money on building new court facilities in Alberta too… this is even all being done while statistics, experiences confirms that speeding does not kill, or cause the majority of accidents, but only drunk or drug impaired drivers, bad drivers, and road rage cause the majority of the accidents the government still wants to purse now mostly  the speeders more aggressively in Alberta.

Speaking about perverse law enforcement, whether it applies to the transit cops, or the RCMP, other cops too,  the OLD wording ‘non-compliant’ no longer applies, in response to concerns raised by the public. The  NEW  use-of-Taser usage criteria is ‘actively resistant’, and the  too often aggressive executive managers of the police enforcement, or the dictatorial ISP, internet service providers , it now seems that are all going crazy  trying so hard to earn more money by means of a hopeful personal  promotion too. And so they see anyone who is a threat to their survival, potential promotion is a serious  persons to be next shot, killed or tasered, removed?
Are also  Bell Sympatico’s  executive care Sasha Rollins or the Conservative Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper now himself, others  next going to taser me because ‘Me I am rightfully ‘actively resistant’ to the Church, GOVERNMENTAL  or corporate, police  oppressions still too?  ? Even  because I too am rightfully still not compliant to carrying out their too often despotic, invalid  orders, so I am rightfully non submissive to their too much too many false demands, too?
Speaking of the false oppression by bullies,  one of my most popular posts on the internet and surprisingly to me too, besides the ones about Bell Sympatico, or the bad Christian Missionary Alliance church, was, is my  page on Basic  Contract laws.. http://thenonconformer.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post.php?action=edit&post=28
I was surprised last week when a Bell employee from Bell’s accounting department told me on the phone that I should obey, do everything that the Bell president, and  his employee Sasha Rollins tells me to do. Dream on.  Bluntly I replied to the same employee “who the hell does he Sasha Rollins  now think his ego really is that I should obey anything, or everything  he says, for he firstly is not my master, I do not work for Bell, I am not his employee”.. Bell is getting carried away with their much too many, unenforceable,  exotic, extreme, man made rules now, but they breached my contract still much to often and that itself is really inacceptable still too.  Clearly Bell and their  executive power has falsely now gone to their heads when they even do think they can abuse any others, an ordinary citizen now too. I as a Sympatico customer that does have a contract with Bell, a mutual contract they Bell now also have to respect and that contract now does not make me their slave, subordinate, and them my master, but they are still my legal equals in the matters. They have to respect my contract side now too. Do remind them all of that too at Bell.
I KNOW FROM DECADES OF FIRSTHAND EXPERIENCES IN MY ENCOUNTERS WITH COPS, LAWYERS, PASTORS, SO CALLED PROFESSIONALS,  OTHERS TOO, that most often now in reality the very same people who do tend to preach to others that we all must not steal, tell lies, drive drunk, that we must respect other person’s rights, all the laws…  those very  same persons who so readily  tend to preach the rules to others, those very same persons  who  expect all of the others to falsely obey  the rules even now  all the while they most often tend to be the firstly the  very same persons to break most of  the rules themselves, they themselves they do not keep them, and they still also  falsely believe they personally are exempt from living the rules cause  they do preach them  to others.
What you had never encountered crooked cops, crooked pastors, crooked lawyers, crooked managers, bad executives, lying no good politicians too?  These same persons  who too  readily judge others, and who demand, want to enforce the rules upon the others, they  cannot see the truth as to who they are firstly, they themselves are now the lying hypocrites.
When most a person tries to enforce any rule upon me I immediate rightfully do next often do ask them who they think they are that they think I now have to respect the  man made rules firstly? What makes them think I have to be now their false slave too? And why do they think that they are any kind of boss over me in these matters?
For  just cause  someone, a lawyer now too even,  some one made up some set of rules it still does  not mean they are all valid, or legitimately  enforceable now too!  I still have even my right of free speech and I still can say what I want, write what I want too.. even about them now too. Not all man made rules, regulations even in writing are rightfully valid still in reality, and just ask any decent judge on the court of the Queen’s judge and he or she can tell you the same thing too.
Here’s great example of bullying Hypocrisy now too. CALGARY – An employee with the Calgary Police Service has been arrested in a drug trafficking operation and a Calgary Policeman was arrested for drunk driving that caused an accident..

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