Ontario’s sex-change …

 Interesting but where do we draw the line to get votes?

Tory MP says Ottawa shouldn’t pick up tab for Ontario’s sexchange   The Canadian Press, OTTAWA –  OTTAWA — A Conservative MP does not want the federal government to pick up the tab for the Ontario government’s plan to cover sexchange surgery under the
Poilievre seeks ban on funding for sexchange surgery in Ontario Ottawa Citizen
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Just as the government of Ontario is now considering banning the Lord’s prayer usage, and no wonder too, for the same government now is willing to pay for a sex change service, but what about free dental and free prescription drugs firstly? but really will it also next pay for a prostitutes’ service, and pay for free bad drugs, for free alcohol, and free cigarettes,  and what about them now also paying off  the mortgage on the house? paying all of the car insurance,
all now too clearly done as well in order to get votes in desperation?




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