“Why Is Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship Angry still?


The false Spin Game – Evangelicals and their pastors do play now too often.. Not just the professing Christian Evangelical  Prime Minister Stephen Harper too.

 “Great Florida Outpouring – Endorsements Posted on June 17, 2008. A number of leaders in the Body of Christ are going to be in Lakeland on June 23th to bless the Outpouring. Bill Johnson, Che Ahn, C. Peter Wagner, John and Carol Arnott, among others, will be there according to the announcement Todd made last night.” 20 selective comments so far.. real negative comments are excluded.

Hey I have said it there are no winners, here, the pastors, and supporter  from  both sides, lie, distort, bash in their endorsement, or criticism, and present mostly partial or  half truths it seems..  Anyone think still that having John and Carol Arnott there is a good endorsement? Not me!!!

Two sides of the same story. My local Baptist Church pastor had told me what an reliable, honorable man my father in law was, I guess he was buttering me up for a donation.. a bit just shortly after that I went to a funeral of my father in law’s relative. There the close relatives told me first hand a whole different story. My father in law was a womanizer, a boozer, had been even separated from his wife as well, and had been kick out of a Brethren church cause they considered him and his acts as being non Christian. Next I really could not see anything Christian about him now as well..  Telling lies is a sin even for a pastor now too.

 Beware always of men and women, bullies, tormentors, control freaks,  persons, civil and public servants,  politicians, pastors, leaders, elders, who falsely do, will try to enslave you, oppress you, exploit you even while they claim they are proclaiming the truth, democracy, trying to help you, etc.,
Is 51:23 ..your tormentors {and} oppressors, those who said to you, Bow down, that we may ride {or} tread over you; and you have made your back like the ground and like the street for them to pass over.

It was, is  clearly evident, in this present ungodly Internet wars, in the Ontario Queen’s Commercial court actions  between the Toronto Airport Christian fellowship Church, it’s pastors too, and Walter Kambulow of Burlington, Ontario, that both sides are involved in revengeful acts, wanting now to pay each other back through the courts now as well.  What anyone still foolish to believe any of them are even now real Christians? And Walter Kambulow firstly admitting to being guilty of unintentionally violating a Canadian court order is not the same thing as any of the parties now yet being found guilty of deliberate libel, or slander.. but  so far it is clearly apparent that both sides here still really are not playing fairly, respecting the spirit or the latter, intent of the Canadian court orders, and yes both sides Toronto Airport Christian fellowship Church, it’s pastors too, and Walter Kambulow of Burlington, Ontario undeniably are still not at all good examples of Christianity so far too. A clearly eye for an eye approach by both parties still is clearly a carnal approach and not a Christian one. You would have firstly thought the Church pastors themselves would have set a better example here too. I rightfully still have no  respect for any of them now too.
This all reminds me of the too common unacceptably allowed , false, misleading advertising of prices of their products by major grocery chains still too. For instance the present normal selling price of a dozen hotdog buns was $2. So a major grocery store chain makes this big flyer next this week advertising a Sale, a selling price of $1 now for the hotdog buns .. but in small print it states that the price is only 6 hotdog buns being sold.. and still a definite misleading play on words and product prices here too.. Last year the honest sale,  price   advertised was  a dollar for 12 hotdog buns. Unacceptable , too often immoral, greedy, price gouging  business persons, immoral lawyers, bad pastors too, so what else is new?
Too many sinful. spoiled  persons clearly have a false concept of God,  that they also falsely try to teach to others too, where God is a good guy, the devil is the bad guy, and in their religion God does not punish anyone for their sin. Now  this false theological ostrich concept of God is PERSONALLY mostly held clearly  to deny facing the possibility of the existence of the negative consequences  for one’s personal sins, to AVOID facing up to, or immediately dealing with them, admitting them. Had they read the Bible they would have seen how God still punishes all persons for their still unrepentant sins.
Jer 46:28  But I will chasten {and} correct you in just measure, and I will not hold you guiltless by any means {or} leave you unpunished.
Jer 47:6 O you sword of the Lord, how long will it be before you are quiet?
Jer 47:7 How can it [the sword of the Lord] be quiet when the Lord has given it an assignment to discharge?
(Micah 3:8 KJV)  But truly I am full of power by the spirit of the LORD, and of judgment, and of might, to declare unto Jacob his transgression, and to Israel his sin.
(Micah 3:11 KJV)  The heads thereof judge for reward, and the priests thereof teach for hire, and the prophets thereof divine for money: yet will they lean upon the LORD, and say, Is not the LORD among us? none evil can come upon us.
(Prov 27:5 KJV)  Open rebuke is better than secret love.
(Rev 3:19 KJV)  As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: be zealous therefore, and repent.
In love the unacceptable Pentecostal bashers,  critics under disguise of supposedly posting the truth,   who mostly still do use the same unoriginal,  ungodly, lame-brained, fool’s types of arguments, are not only clearly dishonest, uninspired, boring but they do also mostly  have a  personal  agenda that is so transparent that sadly they are  are an embarrassment, their agenda clear involves the fact  want to uplift themselves, their own gospel, sect, denomination mostly still as well. In love they should really read and practice the whole Bible firstly themselves.

Sow the wrong seed and you can also next reap a whirl wind , church pastors included now, and there is really no such thing as a little bit allowable sins for pastors included, no such thing as being a  little bit pregnant here too.. and it is still clearly unacceptable for any Pastors to counsel a man’s wife behind his back and without his knowledge, approval,  permission, but even this sadly an unacceptable  common occurrence in evangelical churches now too, even in the Brethren, Baptist, Alliance and Pentecostals churches now too.. and this is how the war against the perverse pastors’ of the Toronto airport church and other similar bad churches  had next escalated. When any spouse starts to talk to others about their family affairs they now are next definitely  headed towards divorce wars as well..
Many many pastors do wrongfully still  think that the citizens complaints about them  is all a big joke, they laugh at it, mock them too. Don’t believe me, just  do an internet search “Walter Kambulow” and see their poor  responses to his writings. Pastors falsely think they are above the law and yet many of them have, do  threaten to sue you when you get too close and personal about them. They want it both ways, they cannot though. They the evangelical pastors firstly do need to get real, to act like real Christians firstly now and work for God rather then self. They seem to have nice cars, nice homes, great salaries, expensive perks, vacations and too too many of them.. Pastors Jim Baker,  Jimmy Swaggart was not the first or last pervert, crook. The bad pastors are trying to get falsely their rewards on earth it seems  and not in heaven.. Do what I say and not what I do is what they also preach.
Most people also  are not aware that the Canadian Pentecostal assemblies of Canada churches PAOC are a break away from the Christian Missionary Alliance church firstly and they have a very similar church management structure, a corporation with a corporate president even that does not disclose all the expenditures to the all of the donators now too. .. not your expected  congregationally managed, owned local church ..
see also http://thenonconformer.wordpress.com/2008/05/10/christian-and-missionary-alliance-denomination/

There is no denial as to how cold, ruthless, uncompassionate, uncaring, immoral, ruthless, slanderous, gossiping, abusive the majority of evangelical pastors where in my own many personal encounters experiences Canada wide too   that I had  but I did rightfully did not throw about the baby with the dirty wash water. Rather I rightfully tended to ask the bad pastors and their bad supporters now too to change to repent instead..
Now  ”Why Is Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship Angry?  Posted by Job on May 29, 2008  Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship – the home of the liars and perjurers including John Arnott and Steve Long – are upset for being exposed for what they truly are sons of disobedience and sons of hell  and are taking at least one person to court contrary to scriptures to protest about his online books which are too hot for them to handle! They are also upset because this person has asked  “So for the good of all Canadians and the rule of law, the Honorable Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, through the different Canadian Government agencies, should order an immediate investigation of this nonprofit charity Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship and ensure that it’s nonprofit corporation status be revoked especially as the executives of TACF have used the charity to pay off their mortgages and purchase luxury cars tax free. See http://www.fstdt.com/forums/thread.aspx?t=15245  and http://cnt10c.tripod.com/tb.htm
They are also upset because this former member has asked the government authorities to investigate why it is okay for TACF Vice President Steve Long to publically solicit by mail for tax free funds to pay off TACF President John Arnott mortgage but  not publically solicit by mail to pay for this former member mortgage as well as all his legal costs as a result of TACF nonprofit charity suing this former member because he blew the whistle on their crimes, thievery, hypocrisy, lies, perjury, sins, etc. It’s also amazing that we have operating freely in Toronto Canada,  liars, perjurers and thieves in Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship including John Arnott and Steve Long with impunity or without rebuke from anybody about their financial crimes, their hate crimes, lies and perjury! But it’s not amazing that these scoundrels, liars, and perjurers would not submit  as per “The order of Justice James H. Clarke of  January 15, 2008” which stated “ THIS COURT ORDERS THAT the Defendants shall serve on the Plaintiff by email and file their Statement of Defense within ten days,”  a Statement of Defense to this former member regarding his $100 million dollar Lawsuit Court File No: 6447/07 filed in Milton, Ontario, with the Superior Court of Ontario and now revised to $ 300 million. And if this Christian nonprofit charity TACF and its executives John Arnott and Steve Long can defy and ignore the order of  Justice James H. Clarke and do whatever they want so can every other Canadian.  Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship sets by its example that any Christian can be lawless, liars, thieves, and perjurers and not respect the rule of law!
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But thenonconformer Says in reply  Hey this is a all a big Joke.. both sides are all undeniably   now  all in the wrong,
It is a known fact that the fundamental dispensationalist, Baptist, Brethren. etc.,  wrongfully seem to love to bash,  hate, provoke fights, bully the Charismatic, Pentecostals, Catholics.. under the false disguise of love and truth too, and I used to be naive and think that only ungodly secular persons behave like that to fill that God shaped vacuum  they they feel in their heart, lives, but it now turns out these other bad professing fundamental Christians  do so as well.. they are certainly not being led by person of the Holy Sprit to do this.. but by the devil too.,, and you can tell that by their lack of real love towards the other Born again Christians..
The person being taken to court is firstly my own twin Brother Walter.. and who really knows him better than his brother, for he Walter certainly is no saint to start of with.. I have already discussed this in writing in detail with Walter himself, all of Canada’s news editors, major politicians in Ontario and Canada too, on the net.. It appears that a pastor in Canada about 2 years ago had talked to Walter’s wife Sandy behind his back, without Walter’s rightful approval and knowledge, and ever since Walter was really upset over this, and he escalated his wars against the bad pastors, in Canada and in the US. Do also ask Walter why he actively supported these same bad pastors in Canada in the US too a decade ago, even financially  but he does not today. And it is not all just about money, thefts, misappropriation of funds is it? It is the perverse pastoral managerial    styles of the church, and their false disclosures, lack of accountability too, but much more.  The Airport Lawsuit was escalated because I next   had rightfully  emailed a copy of Walters past internet writings to 300 Pentecostal churches in Canada, for their copy, their records, and they did not like the negative exposure by Walter.
Walter was the person who had introduced me to Pentecostalism and even to Katherine Khulman, Benny Hynn too, and Walter went to many of Benny Hinn’s services too, and he had asked me to go too, and now he is denying it all… How Absurd.
The bad pastors of the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship – the home of the liars and perjurers John Arnott and Steve Long – have never denied my written charges of their own wrong doings now too.. and they cannot.
In reality neither side is in the right in this ungodly, unholy war..
“They are also upset because this former member has asked” .. this is not true Walter was never a member of this TACF group, he may have attended one or 2 of their services, .. For Walter he is a loner.. the last many years.. the last Church he Walter was a member of was Montreal LaSalle trinity Pentecostal church, and the Full Gospel business men’s fellowship where he had resigned from..
Walter had asked “ for the good of all Canadians and the rule of law, the Honorable Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, through the different Canadian Government agencies, should order an immediate investigation of this nonprofit charity Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship and ensure that it’s nonprofit corporation status be revoked especially as the executives of TACF have used the charity to pay off their mortgages and purchase luxury cars tax free. ”
and there is nothing wrong now in this request.. I also have rightfully have asked that all churches in the US and in Canada be annually investigated for fraud now too.. even the PAOC, the CMA, Evangelicals etc.. in this regard..” http://anyonecare.wordpress.com/2008/05/29/the-ttihe/   http://healtheland.wordpress.com/2008/05/29/why-is-toronto-airport-christian-fellowship-angry/#comment-29644
Still today Quebec’s official welcome to non-Catholic immigrants  in addition to the huge crucifix atop Mount Royal in Montreal are wall mounted crucifix and their public prayers. Quebec’s Catholics special religious rights  goes back to the Quebec Act of 1774, and is central to the asymmetrical features of Confederation in the British North America Act of 1867. This The Quebec Act explicitly guaranteed the freedom to practice the Catholic faith. It also restored French civil law alongside the British common law even till today. Furthermore, the Quebec Act allowed Catholics to hold public office, and removed a reference to the Protestant denomination in the office holders’ oath of allegiance to the king of England. It also allowed the Catholic church to collect the religious tax known as the tithe…
I admit I have been really surprised for decades in Canada as to how crooked too many non profitable, religious, charitable organizations now are , as well as the professionals themselves such as lawyers, accountants, realtors, pastors and I have said that now many times too. In reality too many people left on their own will continue to cheat, lies, steal, abuse others, the pastors and cops, politicians included now. They all need to be regulated, supervised by the governments and some now rightfully even arrested too. A man’s enemies, bullies and thieves will be those persons even from his own family are still a reality too.
I had also attended a Latter Rain Movement Church for while too, loved it, and it’s theology was great too..
But I know from many years of Canadian experiences that 70 percent of pastors are bad, hypocrites, pretenders.. in all denominations..
and I think that people who are so called experts on something they have never experienced are still just big liars, hypocrites, bullies, false teachers, false prophets..
Now I have no problem with any church collecting the tithe as long as they give an  honest, detailed account of where the money was  being spent which in fact too often is not done these days, especially in the Christian Missionary Alliance Churches, or the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada where the churches are not local, congregationally run or owned, rather they are an incorporated Corporation, corruption existing mainly it seems to provide security and jobs for their pastors.. etc., Sadly the donations, the incomes, the Monies – filthy lucre, for some reasons too often do not reach designated targets and are secretly diverted elsewhere as well and undeniably too.
Furthermore for  a start most churches ask you to the, give ten percent of your income to the church, but tithing is also an old testament concept and not enforceable in the new testament. In the old testament the tithers, and those who received the tithers had to insure that 1/7 of the donations were given to the local poor people. So I asked any church that advocated tithe that they prove as well they have kept this Biblical requirements, for almost none do it for it start. On top of that any clergy receiving tithing in the old testament was not allowed to own any real estate , tangible property too. If you are going to preach the law here on tithing too, then you yourself should observe all of it, not just mostly steal the tithe.
Also  Jesus never sold one Sermon of his, nor the Apostles, or any of their books, … so I rightfully cannot stand those greedy, money lusting charlatans who clearly try to make money by selling Christian literature, tapes, music, or what ever on the subject of Prophecy, healing, etc., .. and no matter what their excuses are now too.. Jesus said as you have freely received so freely give. And that is what I have done the last 4 decades too… and so should we all, trusting in the Faith for God to supply our needs, not begging for money, or wrongfully stealing by pretending to be a non profitable tax exempt corporation, organization basically so not to pay taxes as well.. How greedy can you get and pretend it to be Christian now too is the game many wrongfully play too even by Church pastors, elders, deacons….
You would be surprised how many Protestant, Catholics, evangelicals, and cults like Mormons practise tax evasion now too.. much too many for a start too.
Now there is another common scam I do not like, groups, churches who often choose a valid cause, since the best way to catch fish, suckers is with live bait, and then do next do ask for related donations, money.. this advertised cause tends to be rather an inefficient  self employment creation, and is not a real public services.. for to get most complaints, issues handled properly all you do generally have to do is to post it firstly on the net, and also write to the News media  with copies to the  elected representatives too.
It seems these days that even the citizens, TV evangelists, Pastors, cops, politicians, Ministers tend to be still next equally all bad if left on their own, unsupervised? and rapidly go downhill.  http://pbulow.tripod.com/tithing.html   , http://anyonecare.wordpress.com/2008/05/29/the-ttihe/
Walter Kambulow  knows firsthand how crooked religious corporations were, including the FGBMFI, which did not disclose to it’s donators how all of the money was next being used too.
The ends seem to justify the means for some. In the secular world it is common to contact your employer to try to put pressure on you when you disagree with a corporation, but in the religious world it is an unacceptable  common ploy for bad undeniably pastors with no fear and accountably as well  too often to try meddle into your family affairs, to try to seduce,  counsel your own wife behind your back and knowledge, trying to divide and conquer as many persons have told  me, they had the same bad experiences too, me included.
“Now the relevance of all this, as brought to the attention of Justice Jarvis the friction between Walter and Sandra about Metro church, is pastor’s Jim Paul and family unauthorized intrusion into Walter’s marriage and life which resulted in a police call to 911 on October 30, 2005 as Jim Paul’s brother in law and sister refused to get out of my home when they barged in uninvited! In addition when Rick Meyers complained in an email to Pastor John Arnott that Jim Paul was not a marriage counselor and had no business or right to counsel only Sandra without Walter’s permission or knowledge, Pastor Steve Long took it upon himself to slander Walter Kambulow to Rick Meyers and refused to retract or substantiate his words in spite of many emails by Mr Kambulow to TACF on the subject ( See Appendix B REJECTION OF NOTICE OF MOTION (Milton) December 27, 2007 Court File No: 6447/07 ) and chose instead to sue Walter Kambulow to try and silence him! ” http://cnt10c.tripod.com/revival.pdf  and Sandy Kambulow herself is no  godly person as well as I also do know firsthand too.. and  Walter too now  is no saint too.. nor his supporters too, or espescially the oppositions,  opposing pastors, none of these people here are really saints now as well.. they all need to repent..
“The ignorance of the Bible and the works of the Holy Spirit have placed many people, churches, radio and television ministries, and itinerant ministries in jeopardy for their very existence because they are so desperate for success, numbers and money that they are ready to chase after any experience or anybody whom they think will attract people to them. There are many people today who do not know their Scriptures and the penalties that come from straying away from them. They are like the Sadducees of whom Jesus said, “You are wrong, because you know neither the scriptures nor the power of God” (Matt. 22: 29; Mk. 12: 24).”  http://cnt10c.tripod.com/revival.pdf
Their ignorance of the Bible is alone not the issue, most Christians, church leaders  also wrongfully personally do pick and choose what parts of the Bible they will practice, and which one they will not. All professing Christians daily need to practice what they know, even the ten commandments.
Christians doing still dirty works and hiding behind titles, corporate names still is also unacceptable… does not impress me at all.
My door bell rang and a person was there asking for donations to World Vision Canada, asking me if I had heard of it? Have I personally heard of it?  a vice president of this corporation that I had personally known, been to his home too had already lied about me, slandered me, spread other people’s lies about me..
Like I said many times before God still  expects all professing Christians to live a godly  life, not just pretend they do… God does not overlook human right abuses even by so called Christians now too.. for God is not impressed by what Church they go to, where they work, and what fancy title they may have now as well.
I went to a Church for the first time in the Calgary NW Suburb AND I KNEW AFTER ONE SERVICE THE EVANGELICAL PASTOR WAS A CROOK, A LIAR.. My friends insisted I return to the church, but in the process they had told me that the pastor was lying about me, slandering me to others, even to them as well.. This has often happened to me by pastors of other churches, in Calgary, Montréal too, seems the much too many bad pastors like to slander and Gossip. At the next church service I had shared openly with the congregation at the end of the service that their pastor had been accused of lying, slandering me, and even stealing, , misappropriation of funds , lying also by others. The majority of Congregation members disagreed. Ten years later there was a knock on the door of my home and one of the church members told me face to face the same Calgary NW pastor was fired for lying, stealing funds. I always had wondered why it took them so long to see the truth about him?
Why?? most people are bad sheep who follow the leaders, or Ostriches when it comes to negative truths..
“It’s also to be noted that that Superior Court of Ontario heading of the Justice Campbell’s ruling concerning TACF et Al v. Kambulow stated it was a “commercial court” establishing the fact that Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship is a commerce suing Walter Kambulow as a commerce and it is not a church of Jesus Christ!”
When I go public I often get threats of a lawsuit, not just the politicians sending the police to my door, but I do not back off, and I always seem to tell them to go ahead.. the lawsuit will give the matter more publicity too.. and they back off.

Now I too have observed a lot of Bad Ministry, I have even yet to meet a decent pastor in Canada for a start the last 40 years too .. I have 2 sites for the too often bad pastors now too. http://groups.msn.com/AFOLLOWEROFCHRIST  and  http://pbulow.tripod.com/ 

Now  about Walter  and this whole sad affair. No person who is a friend of Walter Kambulow can consider himself a godly person for sure.. most of the people who had worked with him find out shortly what he is like, Rev Russell Legasik included, a local pastor in my area I and Walter do know quite well too, and others.. Walter was forcibly removed from Bethel Baptist church for being a trouble maker, and forced to resign for the same reason from president of the Montreal FGBMFI as well.. Walter is a liar, a thieve, an abuser, a slanderer, a tax evader and much much more. Those who sin rebuke before all and those whom I love I chasten and rebuke as well
“Sarah Palin rightfully, openly condemns Barrack Obama  based on his associations, for a man is known by the friends he keeps, his associates, and anyone who claims to be an friend of that clearly unrepentant twin brother of mine Walter Kambulow is  bad person too.  The kettle calling the pot black now is shear hypocrisy on Walter Kambulow’s own part now as well.”
Now as you are aware by a present court order Walter is not allowed to access the internet with a computer, even though he has falsely twice broken this court order, and he is a real mafia at home in reality as I know.
Can anyone sue for defamation of character/libel/slander for PERSONAL statements made even on the Internet? But if it’s true there is no CASE for defamation or slander. And if it is NOT true they still will have to show specific, related proof of actual damages, not just some supposed potential damages. Furthermore the law still requires that they do reply to all allegations in the manner they had firstly have received them immediately too, within a reasonable period of time, and if they have not bothered to deny, reply to, to object any of the charges of wrong doings, allegations initially, after a reasonable period of time, a maximum of 6 months they not longer can do so, for now it is accepted they are true. Do ALL stop being sue crazy or nicky picky too.
“Thank you for your comment. I will agree with you that it is important to live our lives as God desires for us too. One important point is simply that without reading God’s Word on a regular basis we cannot know exactly how to live. I do have on question for you: Where did you get the stat “70 percent of evangelical pastors are unChristian”? Just curious about that.”
I would not be so quick to deny what I have written now too. As you can read on my many many sites, I have already detailed this there and often too, that I have fellowshipped with many churches, Canada wide too, with many evangelical pastors directly for many many years in Canada, and I too first was surprised as to how many of them openly admitted to even me the names of specific pastors that had committed adultery, even the Baptist and Pentecostals ones. My first senior Christian Missionary alliance pastor John Fitzstevens, had initially had told me 4 decades ago even that that 70 percent of the Canadian, American pastors were ungodly. And I had immediately asked him what he was doing about it personally. I had provided spiritual counseling to his family too.
Next a major US news media had interviewed many evangelical pastors and they had reported that 70 percent of evangelical pastors had had admitted they had committed adultery, and I myself know personally much many evangelical pastors that have committed adultery. I have even directly witnessed them stealing ,money, lying gossiping, slandering too.
I have rarely met any Godly pastors in the last 50 years, I can count those on one hand too.
A Church secretary of a Baptist major denominations in two large Canadian provinces for 3 decades told me firsthand that most of her pastors commit tax evasions, and so does she as well. I myself had witnessed a brethren head church elder reading pornography at an airport, I had witnessed another pastor committing adultery too. I had a witness, backed up with a police report that an evangelical pastor had punched me, physically assaulted me, with no provocation too, and the same thing had happened to my own brother on another occasion and he too had called the police and reported the matter.
Just recently a pastor lied, on his site he had rewrittten what I had said to make the pastors look good and he made it fasely seem as I had written it.  Who did he lie to, Himself that he is even a godly pastor.
But none of this should be a surprise because my first initial shock about 3 decades ago was the unacceptable fact that the undeniable majority of evangelical pastors do, had counseled divorce, and I wanted to know why? and I next had solely rightfully concluded they were basically sex maniacs, and that is why they kept also their divorce options open. I have posted these facts for the last decade too to all of Canada’s 1000 major politicians, and major news editors, on the net too.
I have had a deputy Minister, the second in command of the province of Alberta tell me face to face how crooked the evangelical pastors in Alberta were, a fact known by many of his colleagues too.
None of the politicians, persons, major news media have ever contradicted back to me on any of this, but you are the first pastor, person to do this too in decades, and I wonder why?
Now since you do really know your Bible you know that the Bible already says says that adultery is God’s punishment to those at whom he is upset at.. and I can think of many bad things that pastors do that upset God… this adultery is all so common and where have you been?
I was next shocked as to how many of them are alcoholics now too.
I have helped to remove many, many bad evangelical church pastors, founding pastors too, for their unrepentant immoralities as well in Canada in the last many years too. When I do deal with a still unrepentant pastor I also do get a clear vision of their additional major sins, and you should see next their pale faces, holy terror, their shakes and trembling, even that of their spouses when I personally do start to reveal what I do know about them, their unrepentant immoral acts, and they the pastor really do they know that they are reaping what they have sowed.. still most of them, 90 percent do not repent, rather they tend to leave town instead. I do also tell them you will have wished you had listened to me and repented , for next it is a terrible thing to fall into the hands of the living God as well.. I can never overcome the fact that most of them think that they cannot be rebuked, corrected, and falsely think that God had overlooked their unacceptable sins because time has passed as well and he did not.
I have helped to remove the federal tax exempt charter of a really bad evangelical church now as well and it closed as a result too
I was sitting in a significant church where the pastor was putting on a show.. so I prayed and asked God as to what he had thought of this pastor, and he had replied that he has the same ability to sin that your brother has. My brother has written two books now that are posted on the net about bad pastors and their sins.
and you would be shocked as to how many Pastors do not pray one hour a day or read their Bible one hour a day.. for they all of persons should be the first ones to do this too.
Jer 46:28  But I will chasten {and} correct you in just measure, and I will not hold you guiltless by any means {or} leave you unpunished.
Jer 47:6 O you sword of the Lord, how long will it be before you are quiet?
Jer 47:7 How can it [the sword of the Lord] be quiet when the Lord has given it an assignment to discharge?
(Micah 3:8 KJV)  But truly I am full of power by the spirit of the LORD, and of judgment, and of might, to declare unto Jacob his transgression, and to Israel his sin.
(Micah 3:11 KJV)  The heads thereof judge for reward, and the priests thereof teach for hire, and the prophets thereof divine for money: yet will they lean upon the LORD, and say, Is not the LORD among us? none evil can come upon us.
(Prov 27:5 KJV)  Open rebuke is better than secret love.
(Rev 3:19 KJV)  As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: be zealous therefore, and repent.
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  1. 50% of Sermons Are Not Biblical http://www.sliceoflaodicea.com/archives/2006/02/_50_of_modern_s.php “Preaching the Gospel is not acceptable to living it. All pastors still do need to read the Bible for one hour a day at least, and pray for one hour a day at least. Almost 80 % of them do not. At least 50 percent of Church and TV, Internet sermons thus are unbiblical because most pastors do not use or read the Bible itself. Great, big Church pastors even steal their sermons from others as I have witnessed firsthand too. I interviewed personally 45 evangelical pastors in one city, Calgary Alberta, and none of them even used the Bible in their counseling ministry with their members and adherents. We have too many impostors, hirelings in the Ministry, bad persons not directly called by God to minister and that is why they also do cheat, lie, steal, commit adultery, tax evasions and abuse others, slander as well. Posted by: Paul Kambulow at April 16, 2006

    Now the supposedly Pentecostal liars of the TCAF a “family run and owned” religious nonprofit Corporations/organizations/ministries does still need to seriously repent of their lies and slanders and apologize for them for Walter Kambulow had never been kicked out from the Lasalle trinity Pentecostal church as they have claimed and the same bad Ontario pastors next even had bashed me for being divorced.. Unacceptable Do have the Ontario human rights commission prosecute them all for this too.

    Sunday December 16, 2007
    To the Prime Minster of Canada Stephen Harper

    Hey I admit it to you all that my own twin brother Walter was the one who had taught me on now to deal with the crooks in Canada.. Public exposure and prosecution of the guilty serves everyone’s best interest now also by writing letters… and he also said if I was being wrongfully abused I shout loudly shout rape so all can know about it too. Now my brother is also another bad unacceptable abuser, I do know that firsthand he robbed me, abused me, lied about me and slandered me etc..

    But when I see my brother Walter now using terms like Rape in his posts.. someone has really wrongfully abused him and I too would like to know who they are.. and what is rightfully being done about it too.

    Now you already do know about the past Calgary Christian center church, run by clearly the bad no good, slandering, thieving pastor David lagore, and family a Canadian Pentecostal “family run and owned” religious nonprofit church Corporation, organization, ministry as I had witnessed , detailed to the news media and the federal government too, that was investigated by the federal Government and others also and it’s incorporation was rightfully removed by the federal government too. So I am not surprised by these new allegations my brother now makes against the same Pentecostals groups, even the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada.. Most people who attend an evangelical church and donate money to it do rightfully think it is a congregational church, owned and run by the members of the church and not shockingly to find next rather it is a dictatorial, one many ministry owned by the pastor himself.. a fact generally not disclosed or advertised to the donators.. so there is not real accountability of the bad pastor’s acts next as well.

    “Why is it that permissible for prominent Pentecostal Pastors such as TACF’s John Arnott and Steve Long to make and publish proven lies about a private individual and stranger Mr. Kambulow, a man of integrity, including:

    – Walter is as bad as they come ( as bad as his accusers? maybe more like it)
    -He has been disciplined by several churches in his past for rebellion and blames every and all churches he has every been a part of. ( this is a lie.. Walter has been disciplined in one church and forced to resign in another the FGBMFI )
    -The way that he slanders his wife in public is horrendous. ( Walter does not slander his wife Sandy in Public, the reference should be rather to my rightfully complaint how my own bad immoral, adulterous wife Norma Florence Kambulow who firstly has lied about me unsubstantiated in all of her divorce applications and you all have a copy of those letters of my complaints now too already.)
    -and if he had been a part of our church, which he wasn’t; I would be all over for him for slander. ;
    -He is not a part of our church so we are not responding to him-
    -He was a former member of TACF ( Neither he or i was)
    -He is divorced ( he is not rather his twin Brother Paul is the one divorced)

    Since when is this lying and slandering about us by the church pastors still permissible ?”

    Hey this is unacceptable fact to too many people have confused me and my twin brother and next even have wrongfully slandered about us in churches for the last 40 years.. starting with the clearly bad Christians at Bethel Baptist Church in Vile St. Lauren Quebec, next the bad Christians at the Calgary Christian Center.. where I was told I had been removed from being a member of the church, and yet I was never a member of it. I just lived across the street from it and attending it .. yes my own personally experiencing with too many bad evangelical pastors in Canada is they do lie, slander, gossip about me or my brother.. including the pastor at Trinity Pentecostal church Ken Bombay who next repent of it, asked for our forgiveness and we became friends with him.. The bad Pastor Rev Gordon Freeland Bethel Baptist Church had admitted to me that he was upset because he could not divide, or control me and my twin brother.

    >>… Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley announced a Senate investigation into whether six televangelists violated their organizations’ tax-exempt status by living lavishly on the money small donors had contributed

    Me I had next wrote to you as well and have said that all the churches, corporations should be rightfully investigated, even for tax evasions, not just these six..

    and yes Walter uses the same approach he taught me to use, he write open letters and posts them openly on the net too.. http://www.richardcleaver.com/?cat=3 and http://cnt10.tripod.com/tblaw.htm

    Do deal with this all, rightfully these bad Canadian pastors. Let us all know what you have done about it too.

  2. No we ALL cannot STOP, take the ostrich approach under the guise of love to the definite bad acts of others, we as Christians are still called to be fruit inspectors of those who profess to be Christians ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY RARELY QUOTE IT in actual context OR LIVE THE BIBLE THEY CLAIM THEY BELIEVE IN-

    (Gen 31:42 KJV) Except the God of my father, the God of Abraham, and the fear of Isaac, had been with me, surely thou hadst sent me away now empty. God hath seen mine affliction and the labour of my hands, and rebuked thee yesternight.

    (Lev 19:17 KJV) Thou shalt not hate thy brother in thine heart: thou shalt in any wise rebuke thy neighbour, and not suffer sin upon him.

    (Neh 5:7 KJV) Then I consulted with myself, and I rebuked the nobles, and the rulers, and said unto them, Ye exact usury, every one of his brother. And I set a great assembly against them.

    (Psa 119:21 KJV) Thou hast rebuked the proud that are cursed, which do err from thy commandments.

    (Prov 24:25 KJV) But to them that rebuke him shall be delight, and a good blessing shall come upon them.

    (Prov 27:5 KJV) Open rebuke is better than secret love.

    (Eccl 7:5 KJV) It is better to hear the rebuke of the wise, than for a man to hear the song of fools.

    (Mat 17:18 KJV) And Jesus rebuked the devil; and he departed out of him: and the child was cured from that very hour.

    (Mark 1:25 KJV) And Jesus rebuked him, saying, Hold thy peace, and come out of him.

    (Mark 4:39 KJV) And he arose, and rebuked the wind, and said unto the sea, Peace, be still. And the wind ceased, and there was a great calm.

    (Mark 8:33 KJV) But when he had turned about and looked on his disciples, he rebuked Peter, saying, Get thee behind me, Satan: for thou savourest not the things that be of God, but the things that be of men.

    (1 Tim 5:20 KJV) Them that sin rebuke before all, that others also may fear.

    (2 Tim 4:2 KJV) Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine.

    (Titus 1:13 KJV) This witness is true. Wherefore rebuke them sharply, that they may be sound in the faith;

    (Titus 2:15 KJV) These things speak, and exhort, and rebuke with all authority. Let no man despise thee.

    (Heb 12:5 KJV) And ye have forgotten the exhortation which speaketh unto you as unto children, My son, despise not thou the chastening of the Lord, nor faint when thou art rebuked of him:

    (Rev 3:19 KJV) As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: be zealous therefore, and repent.

  3. Reference: “Fraud, Embezzlement, Illegal Tax Free Benefits By The Executives of Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship John Arnott and Steve Long

    Federal tax law prohibits religious leaders, as the heads of tax-exempt nonprofit institutions, from earning “unreasonable compensation.” It also prohibits tax-exempt organizations from providing “substantial benefit” to individuals – Kent Garber

    Canada has strong hate laws! And TACF words and lawsuit against Walter Kambulow and his family is a hate crime.

    Aird & Berlis did their Client Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship, John Arnott and Steve Long a disservice by trying to bury their “ financial and hate crimes” and by trying to destroy Mr. Kambulow, the whistleblower, using the court system instead of telling their client to come clean!

    To Whom It May Concern,

    Further to my letter of July 03, 2008 to the Crown Attorney for the Province of Ontario on the subject “Criminal Activities of Howard Winkler and Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship” I would like to bring to your attention for the immediate investigation of financial crimes and hate crimes by the executives of Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship John Arnott and Steve Long.

    We have here obvious Fraud, Embezzlement, Illegal Tax Free Benefits by the Executives of a religious nonprofit charity incorporated under federal statue using their nonprofit charity and pay off their own mortgage tax free and buy corvettes and charge anything they want to their charity? http://cnt10c.tripod.com/tb.htm?

    This is obviously a criminal activity because Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship is a religious nonprofit a corporation with John Arnott as the President and Steve Long as Vice President and as such cannot raise money for each other! But they have provided “substantial benefit” to themselves which is illegal and against the law and here it the proof in Steve Long letter posted at : http://www.fstdt.com/forums/thread.aspx?t=15245 and included below.

    And then these executives of Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship, John Arnott and Steve Long, have been using their “Bay Street” solicitors, who are charged directly to their nonprofit corporation, to harass a Canadian citizen, Walter Kambulow, Engineer, with an illegal $ 50 million lawsuit, contempt motions and threats and character assassination without every intending to go to trial just to shut up the Whistleblower?

    Since Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship is a Federal religious nonprofit religious charity and its financial and hate crime as detailed by Mr. Kambulow brief submitted to the Superior Court of Ontario in Brampton/Peel (See files on web http://rmtacf.tripod.com/walter1.pdf http://rmtacf.tripod.com/walter3.pdf and Liars and Perjurers in Revival http://tbtacf.tripod.com/revival.pdf ) it along with its executives must be investigated by the Federal Crown Attorney and it’s nonprofit charter removed by the Government of Canada!

    It is a fact that Mr.. Kambulow has on numerous occasions through various means has brought to the attention of the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship and it’s Solicitors Aird & Berlis that Canada has strong hate laws and that “hate crimes and public remarks about a private individual Walter Kambulow” such as the one made on April 25, 2008 by the Vice President/Senior Pastor of Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship, Steve Long, are criminal:

    Walter is as bad as they come

    He has been disciplined by several churches in his past for rebelllion and blames every and all churches he has every been a part of.

    The way that he slanders his wife in public is horendous.

    and if he had been a part of our church, which he wasn’t; I wold be all over for him for slander. ;

    He is not a part of our chrch so we are not responding to him-

    And Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship, John Arnott and Steve Long have refused till this day to take back their hateful words or substantiate them and must be also charged with a hate crimes under the hate crime code of Canada. It is also a fact that their $ 50 million lawsuit against Walter Kambulow and his family is a hate crime.

    So I request that you and your colleagues take my complaints about Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship, John Arnott and Steve Long seriously and investigate them immediately for their real financial and hate crimes for the good of all Canadians as we cannot have this kind of crimes and lawlessness go unchallenged and unabated?


    Walter Kambulow

    Cc The Honourable Robert Nicholson,Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada Fax (613) 954-0811
    Minister of Finance: Hon. James Michael FLAHERTY Fax 613 992-8356The Honourable Gordon O’Connor Minister of National Revenue Fax 613 952-6608
    Mr. William V. Baker Commissioner Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) 613 952-6608
    Canada Revenue Agency 905-984-4829
    Crown Attorney Provincial Fax 905-456-4780
    News Media

    Help A Pastor Pay His Mortgage!

    Federal tax law prohibits religious leaders, as the heads of tax-exempt nonprofit institutions, from earning “unreasonable compensation.” It also prohibits tax-exempt organizations from providing “substantial benefit” to individuals – Kent Garber


    Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship is a religious nonprofit a corporation with John Arnott as the President and Steve Long as Vice President and as such cannot raise money for each other! But they have provided “substantial benefit” to themselves which is illegal and against the law and here it the proof in Steve Long letter posted at : http://www.fstdt.com/forums/thread.aspx?t=15245.

    #187934 Help a Pastor Pay His Mortgage!

    I received this letter a few years ago, and for some odd reason, namely fair use, I decided not to make this public. Then, a few days ago, I figured “why not” and have decided to share this wonderful little letter with you. Isn’t it great that you can help someone pay his $100,000 mortgage for being such a Godly man!

    Dear friend,

    Let me share with you a great opportunity to honour someone!

    I am writing on behalf of Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship to let you know our Senior Pastor, John Arnott is about to have a birthday. Not only is he having a birthday, but this next one is when he turns 65! John’s birthday is on Christmas day, December 25th, 2005.

    Earlier this year, some of the guys in John’s cell met to talk about how to honour John on this special day. We had some ideas. We thought of sending John and Carol on a trip. No, they already travel too much. We thought of buying John a corvette as he often talks of owning a sports car.

    Well, being a married man, I have learned that the safest thing to do is talk to a woman. So I talked to Carol and told her that we wanted to honour John in some way. Carol thought the idea was great and she began to probe as to what John would like to do next year id he had any extra money..

    At almost every discussion she had, John stated that he would love to pay off their house mortgage and be personally debt free. For those of you who don’t attend TACF, let me tell you a little tradition that John began 5 years ago.

    My wife Sandra had a dream many years ago about us getting a house. In the Toronto area, like in other cities, if you don’t have two incomes, you usually can’t afford a house. We made the choice for Sandra to stay home while our children were small, meaning that we rented a house. One day the Lord spoke to us about our home and said that if we were to give away towards someone else’s home that He would give us one.

    We were already in debt on our credit card and this was really a step of faith. We borrowed $1,000 and asked God to bless our gift a with a 100% increase. The very night we gave away the seed, John Arnott had a dream about helping us buy a house! Several weeks later, John took a second offering for us at TACF to help us buy a home.

    There was no notice given ahead of time and it was a holiday weekend. Our church family enthusiastically responded and gave us $102,000 and the keys to a car! Amazing!

    Well, since then we have taken second offerings about once a year for our pastors who don’t have a house. We have been able to bless John and Patricia Bootsma (now pastoring John and Carol’s first congregation in Stratford ON), Darrin and Daphne Clarke (our children’s pastors), Will and Madeline Walker (they headed up our Prayer and Care department) and Stuart and Lynley Allan (operations and prophetic).

    So, to say happy birthday to John, Carol is suggesting that we also help them to pay off their home. They have a little over $100,000 left on their mortgage and we would love to surprise John on Christmas Sunday by burning their mortgage. If there is more money than we need, we can also get him the car!

    Included in this letter is an envelope for you to send a birthday gift to John and Carol. Please make cheque payable to “Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship”. If you live in Canada or America, we are able to provide a tax receipt for you. If you want your gift to be tax free to John, please specify that you do not require a tax receipt for your gift.

    Ideally, we are looking to have all the gifts returned to us by December 15th so that we can head tot he bank with Carol to pay off the mortgage.

    There are two other things I’d like you to join with us on. The first is that we are putting together a massive birthday card for John. We would love to include your greeting to John. We are asking that you send a note, no longer than 50 words, to my e-mail address at tacf.org If you don’t have e-mail, you are welcome to include a note with your gift.

    The second item that we’d like you to include is a photograph of yourself so that John is able to identify you. Many of you he knows by name, but there are far more of you who know him. If you can add the photo to the email, that would be ideal, otherwise it can also be included in the envelope.

    Would you join us at TACF in honoring John Arnott? John for many of you has become a spiritual father, He and Carol has blessed you through their conference ministry, itinerant travel and television ministry. Many of you have had John and Carol pray for you and impart our Father’s blessings.

    I am looking forward to a very busy December as our team put together this birthday card! I look forward to hearing from you and receiving your photo, your greeting and your gift towards paying off John’s mortgage! Remember this is a surprise so no talking to John!

    Bless you and thank you for letting me share on behalf of the congregation at Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship.

    Steve Long
    Senior Associate Pastor. (TACF)

    You may shred at will!

    Letter submitted to the Superior Court of Ontario

    July 2, 2008

    Ontario Superior Court of Justice
    70 Wellington St.
    Brantford, Ontario
    N3T 2L9

    Re Kambulow vs Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship et al. v Court File DC-08-033-00

    A liar, perjurer and scoundrel such as Howard Winkler is not qualified to represent proven liars, thieves an perjurers such as Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship, John Arnott and Stephen Long or maybe he is?

    Attention: Presiding Justice for July 16, 2008 Return of Motion


    You Honor

    Mr. Kambulow, the Plaintiff, requests that Howard Winkler, Senior Solicitor, representing Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship, John Arnott, and Steve Long, be immediately removed by the Court from any lawsuit involving Walter Kambulow, for being a liar and a perjurer as demonstrated by his words before Justice Mossip on June 6,2008 in regard to Kambulow vs TACF.

    Mr. Kambulow wrote to the Prime Minster of Canada the Honorable Stephen Harper of April 22, 2008, as well as the Government of Canada and the news media, and stated:

    Mr. Kambulow would be more than pleased to give concrete examples of all this to the Superior Court of Ontario of their lawlessness and lies including the fact that on January 15, 2008 TACF’s Solicitor Pamela Miehls promised Justice Clark to give Mr. Kambulow within ten days a statement of defense as ordered by Justice Clarke in regard to Kambulow v Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship et al


    Page 24

    THE COURT: So you’re going to do your Statement of Defence, you’re going to serve him by email, …

    MS. MIEHLS: Correct.

    Page 27

    THE COURT: Transferring to Toronto — okay, thank you – and consolidating. Okay, I’ve got it. I’m going to make that order.

    Now, with regard to the Statement of Defence to be served and filed by email, as agreed, within ten days of today’s order?

    MS. MIEHLS: That’s fine, Your Honour.

    And later TACF’s Solicitor, Howard Winkler, a litigation specialist, lied and told the Superior Court Justice Mossip on June 6,2008 that TACF, John Arnott and Stephen Long never promised to serve and file by email a Statement of Defense to Walter Kambulow as ordered by Justice Clarke on January 15, 2008. Amazing how Mr. Winkler could lie so freely in court?

    It also appears to the Plaintiff, Mr. Kambulow, that Howard Winkler is the Architect of a $ 50 million dollar lawsuit against the Plaintiff that is based on proven lies and perjury! The attached “Factum of the Plaintiff” dated July 4, 2008 has evidence to lies, perjury, thievery and criminal activities of the Plaintiff’s including financial and hate!

    In their lawsuit filed in the Superior Court of Ontario in Toronto, Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship et al. v Kambulow Court File 07-CV-342052PD3 the Plaintiffs stated THAT TACF AND IT’S PASTORS

    have suffered and will continue to suffer damages, their character and reputation, personally and in the way of their profession, office or calling, have wrongly been brought into public disrepute, their public and general reputation has been and will continue to be seriously damaged, and they have been subjected to embarrassment, ridicule and contempt.

    have had and will continue to have a detrimental effect on the ability of TACF to continue to serve its members and on the ability of Amott and Long to continue to perform their work as pastors

    Mr. Kambulow wrote on June 25, 2008 TO THE GOVERNMENT OF CANADA Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the news media on the subject: How can proven thieves, liars, perjurers, backstabbers, cowards and Pastors of Canadian nonprofit charity Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship sue anybody or talk about the law or justice? and pointed out:

    THE LIE AND PERJURY HERE IS THAT Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship and it’s Pastors John Arnott and Steve Long have not suffered and continued to suffer damages, their character and reputation, personally and in the way of their profession, office or calling, have wrongly been brought into public disrepute, their public and general reputation has been and will continue to be seriously damaged, and they have been subjected to embarrassment, ridicule and contempt AND COULD NOT AND WOULD NOT GIVE THE COURT ANY PROOF THAT THEIR STATEMENT OF CLAIM AS TRUE.

    THE LIE AND PERJURY HERE IS THAT the emails and words of Walter Kambulow about Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship and it’s Pastors John Arnott and Steve Long have had no detrimental effect on the ability of TACF to continue to serve its members and on the ability of Amott and Long to continue to perform their work as pastors AND COULD NOT AND WOULD NOT GIVE THE COURT ANY PROOF THAT THEIR STATEMENT OF CLAIM AS TRUE.

    Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship John Arnott and Steve Long deliberately and willful gave false, misleading, or incomplete testimony under oath to the court to try and silence and destroy Walter Kambulow because he was telling the world that TACF corporation was John Arnott’s cash cow to support his lavish lifestyle.


    They are not men of God, men of integrity but liars, thieves and perjurers who used and use their personal family owned and run Pentecostal charity to pay off their own mortgages and buy themselves new cars – see http://cnt10c.tripod.com/tb.htm

    The attached “Factum of the Plaintiff” dated July 4, 2008 also discusses the TACF DIRTY TRICKS AND LIES IN COURT TRIAGES AND MOTIONS that were done by Howard Winkler on behalf of Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship, John Arnott and Stephen Long.

    Mr. Kambulow also wrote on June 25, 2008 TO THE GOVERNMENT OF CANADA Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the news media on the subject: Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship, John Arnott, Steve Long and their supporters continue to believe in and practice lying and lawlessness which pointed out Howard Winkler’s lie and perjury amongst other things!

    Hence Howard Winkler proven lying words and unscrupulous deeds disqualify him from this court case or any other case involving Mr. Kambulow as it is obvious he has no morals or qualm about doing negative things to achieve a desired end! And we cannot have this kind of thing in Ontario Superior Court of Justice otherwise the Justice tacitly by doing nothing approve lawlessness, injustice and immorality?

    As a result, Mr. Kambulow requests Mr. Howard Winkler be immediately disbarred from the Court by your Honor for this motion or any other matter concerning Mr. Walter Kambulow as we cannot have in Canada Solicitors taking their liberty to openly lie to Superior Court Justices just to win their case and ignore seeing true justice come about!

    Walter Kambulow


     /  August 14, 2008


    We are very happy to INTRODUCE to your kind notice that-

    We strive to respond to the most urgent and timely needs, using all means possible to care for the spiritual and material needs of God’s people. We have the special chrism of community, mission, evangelization, and spirituality. A special commitment to the poor, recent immigrants, and in the forming of new leaders, reflect our prophetic mission as servants of the Word.

    Our mission:-Bringing people out for him from every tribe and tongue and nation.
    Our happiness is in making a path for GOD.

    Elite Jesus Ministries is involved in:

    1) Proclaiming the “Love of God” (Gospel) to every person in every region. Mark 16:15
    2) Orphanage homes, Conducting Free medical camps, Distributing cloths to deprived children & widows. Deut 10:18
    3) Church planting. Isaiah 56:7
    4) Gospel meetings, Leadership seminars.

    As the scripture says …do the work of an evangelist, fulfill your ministry. ІІ Timothy 4:5

    Respected dear Brother, Join with us Praying to make this vision of Tribes a reality.

    We “Use all means in spreading the Gospel,
    especially those which are most timely, urgent and effective.”

    We go to the tribal, Uneducated & proclaim gospel in poor worker’s locality.

    We welcome you to participate in these activities.

    This knowledge with us God has shared;
    by faith we can see the invisible,
    the glory that He has prepared.

    With the everlasting Word between God, and us our faces can reflect His glory.
    Please be in prayer for us as we strive to do what God has called us to do. We must work while is yet day for night is coming when no man can work. God bless and keep you is our prayer. We believe that prayer opens the windows of Heaven, and we consider it a privilege to pray for you

    Mailing ADDRESS:

    C/o Bro Dr.Purushotham.P
    # 25-6-321, VIDYA NAGAR, KAZIPET,
    WARANGAL – 506 003, A.P – SOUTH INDIA,
    Contact: +91 870 2548 979, +91 9441 903 371

  5. Believe it or not, face it or not Bad and abusive Corporations, churches, pastors, cops, in fact all bad persons are often the number one concerns of many people, on the net, many citizens, in every province, Canada wide too, and yet this is an area where the too often pretentious government, poor ministers, that have wrongfully also hired too often their pretentious friends into key and secondary jobs now too, are clearly wrongfully not doing enough now here too… but they still steal, take a big salary, with perks, expenses accounts wrongfully for it too.

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