Speed-related highway fatalities



 Now in Canada even  I am very used to people the much too many Bullies who  try to falsely dominate you, and these bullies go overboard in their reactions when you expose the truth about them and others  especially when their pet idols, or careers are threatened.  Me I am still rightfully actively resistant  to all of the  abusers, bullies, liars, even to the Church, GOVERNMENTAL, CORPORATE, POLICE  oppressions still too.
I clearly do believe in the right of everyone to speak, to speak out as well,  and to be equally heard by all, so we can all judge what has been said if it is appropriate and we can next corresponding act upon it, even in the church, in the government, on the internet now too. Clearly some people falsely DO DISALLOW THIS RIGHT… the bad persons especially as even I know this for sure. They respond with a personal attack, inquisition, censorship, lies, slanders, diversions, distortions, instead of facing, dealing with the facts, truths being presented. Confirming to many what they still are really like, immoral, abusive bullies.
Speaking of free speech…  Now Speed-related highway fatalities are down some 42 per cent in Ontario supposedly  this year, and much of that has to do with the new laws enacted last spring, Ontario Provincial Police commissioner Julian Fantino said.  But since speeding causes apparently less than 15 percent of the overall accidents, and bad cars, bad vehicles, road rage, drunk drivers, impaired drivers, talking on the phone causes the majority of the accidents still so how much did the police help now to  reduce these more important statistics? Nothing again? and why not? and why is it too often unacceptably the bad cops are never found guilty as well?

In regard also to the The Quebec bill to amend the Highway Safety Code and the Regulation respecting demerit points whicj was adopted on December 19, 2007.  The rules and measures adopted mainly concern drinking and driving, speeding, photo radars and red-light cameras, driving courses, the use of cell phones while driving, and over-speed governors for certain heavy vehicles. This legislation introduces more severe penalties for repeat offenders of impaired driving and excessive speeding. It allows for the implementation of a photo radar and red-light camera pilot project providing for three photo radar locations and the installation of red-light cameras at two intersections in each of the three pilot regions. These fifteen locations will be announced at a later date. The law also provides for the institution of mandatory driving courses for new drivers and imposes probationary driver’s licenses on all new drivers, including new drivers of 25+ years of age, as well as gradual access to demerit points for new drivers under 25. A driving course will also be mandatory for mopeds. it will henceforth be forbidden for drivers to use a hand-held cell phone while driving but the person can still do text messaging, and what an contradictory absurdity too.. The activation of over-speed governors is now mandatory for certain heavy vehicles, and the maximum speed for these vehicles must be set at 105 km/h.  The law also provides for the obligation to equip vehicles with winter tires from November 15 to April 1, greater latitude for municipalities that regulate speed limits on their territory and the possibility to carry out pilot projects, in particular for new types of vehicles. New road safety measures come into force in Québec on April 1, 2008: The use of hand-held cell phones will be banned from then on .Tougher penalties will be imposed on drivers guilty of excessive speeding  Some of the motives for the false, partial restive applications, implantation of these laws can certainly now still be questioned as well. Some of the motives for the false, partial restive applications, implantation of these laws can certainly now still be questioned as well.

 The oppressive police enforcement of revenue generating speeding tickets enforcement is still  basically economically beneficially   hopefully  to a very small, isolated segment of society, the related cops, judges, lawyers, and it is false  job security approach for them even in Alberta. While the government of Alberta fails to often still to  deal with the still much too many bad managers, bad civil and public servants abusing tax payers money, even stealing,  not doing their jobs properly, unnecessarily taking out of town trips and charging it to the job still, Alberta today  is putting 15 new sheriffs on the road in Alberta. Alberta for decades, and the police  has been falsely preoccupied with putting every person in jail in Calgary, and Edmonton, all of  Alberta for speeding,  it seems and was another main reasons they spent so much money on building new court facilities in Alberta too… this is even all being done while statistics, experiences confirms that speeding does not kill, or cause the majority of accidents, but only drunk or drug impaired drivers, bad drivers, and road rage cause the majority of the accidents the government still wants to purse now mostly  the speeders more aggressively in Alberta.
Speaking about perverse law enforcement, whether it applies to the transit cops, or the RCMP, other cops too,  the OLD wording ‘non-compliant’ no longer applies, in response to concerns raised by the public. The  NEW  use-of-Taser usage criteria is ‘actively resistant’, and the  too often aggressive executive managers of the police enforcement, or the dictatorial ISP, internet service providers , it now seems that are all going crazy  trying so hard to earn more money by means of a hopeful personal  promotion too. And so they see anyone who is a threat to their survival, potential promotion is a serious  persons to be next shot, killed or tasered, removed?
Are also next  Bell Sympatico’s  executive care Sasha Rollins or the Conservative Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper now himself, others  next going to taser me because ‘Me I am rightfully ‘actively resistant’ to the Church, GOVERNMENTAL  or corporate, police  oppressions still too?  ? Even  because I too am rightfully still not compliant to carrying out their too often despotic, invalid  orders, so I am rightfully non submissive to their too much too many false demands, too?
Speaking of the false oppression by Sympatico bullies,  one of my most popular posts on the internet and surprisingly to me too, besides the ones about Bell Sympatico, or the bad Christian Missionary Alliance church, was, is my  page on Basic  Contract laws..
Bell Sympatico  is getting carried away with their much too many, unenforceable,  exotic, extreme, man made rules now, but they breached my contract still much to often and that itself is really inacceptable still too.  Clearly Bell and their  executive power has falsely now gone to their heads when they even do think they can abuse any others, an ordinary citizen now too. I as a Sympatico customer that does have a contract with Bell, a mutual contract they Bell now also have to respect and that contract now does not make me their slave, subordinate, and them my master, but they are still my legal equals in the matters. They have to respect my contract side now too. Do remind them all of that too at Bell.
I KNOW FROM DECADES OF FIRSTHAND EXPERIENCES IN MY ENCOUNTERS WITH COPS, LAWYERS, PASTORS, SO CALLED PROFESSIONALS,  OTHERS TOO, that most often now in reality the very same people who do tend to preach to others that we all must not steal, tell lies, drive drunk, that we must respect other person’s rights, all the laws…  those very  same persons who so readily  tend to preach the rules to others, those very same persons  who  expect all of the others to falsely obey  the rules even now  all the while they most often tend to be the firstly the  very same persons to break most of  the rules themselves, they themselves they do not keep them, and they still also  falsely believe they personally are exempt from living the rules cause  they do preach them  to others.
What you had never encountered crooked cops, crooked pastors, crooked lawyers, crooked managers, bad executives, lying no good politicians too?  These same persons  who too  readily judge others, and who demand, want to enforce the rules upon the others, they  cannot see the truth as to who they are firstly, they themselves are now the lying hypocrites.  Even the Insurance companies do love excessive rules, and next have people break them so that way they can make more money next too.  Seems you cannot trust anyone, any group, and yes  they all have to regulated, reviewed, and that is why too many OF THE BAD PERSONS THERE they seem not to love our free speech and try falsely to oppress it.
When most a person tries to enforce any rule upon me I immediate rightfully do next often do ask them who they think they are that they think I now have to respect the  man made rules firstly? What makes them think I have to be now their false slave too? And why do they think I am their false slave and that they are any kind of boss over me in these matters?
For  just cause  someone, a lawyer now too even,  some one made up some set of rules it still does  not mean they are all valid, or legitimately  enforceable now too!  I still have even my right of free speech and I still can say what I want, write what I want too.. even about them now too. Not all man made rules, regulations even in writing are rightfully valid still in reality, and just ask any decent judge on the court of the Queen’s judge and he or she can tell you the same thing too.
Here’s great example of bullying Hypocrisy now too. CALGARY – An employee with the Calgary Police Service has been arrested in a drug trafficking operation and a Calgary Policeman was arrested for drunk driving that caused an accident..
Another great example was big brother Bell Sympatico originally done  in secret capping of the internet downloads which as you still can read about   in full too in many places on the net was apparently caused by their  very questionable motives, even a distorted, false excuse to charge more money to customers, a greedy  attempt to make internet users buy and download rather  Bell movies, an attempt to put Bell’s  sub ISPs out of business, and much more.. so Bell Sympatico rightfully  is now even facing a class action  lawsuit in this regard too… and bad negative publicity, exposure too.
Law and order enforcement  starts firstly in the leaders own life. Exemplary Public exposure and prosecution of these real bad guys serves as a best deterrent to all too. Free speech and whistle blowers hell to make this happen too and bad guys wrongfully do not like this.. to bad for the bad guys.. and doing nothing about bad guys helps to makes it all worse.. so do something, write to the news editors, elected officials now too even if the bad guys do not like this. I am not only transparently honest, straight forward, and rightfully too,  but I rightfully do still judge any of our leaders. civil and public servants, PROFESSIONALS. managers, executives too  NOW  not only per their past words, promises, acts,  but also by a higher exemplary standard, BEHAVIOR now as well especially when they profess to be Christians, or rather as often in reality so called “Christian alcoholics”, or hypocrites .. which is rather an UNACCEPTABLE oxymoron.
If you took 2 martinis or 2 beers a day you are an alcoholic. Alcoholism is a crime and not a disease, it is a crime, it is just as lethal, bad, and it is really unacceptable as selling or taking bad drugs too. Canada’s bad drug problem, drunk driving, alcoholism is increasing not just amongst the teens, but also in the work place, in the government now as well even amongst the civil and public servants. Most major home violence, car or truck accidents are still associated with alcohol now too and not speeding. It’s a fact that drinking alcohol can seriously damage one’s health and cause permanent brain damage as well .Alcohol may lead to liver problems, a variety of cancers as well as forms of osteoporosis and depression, and studies are showing, too, that women are more susceptible to the ill effects of alcohol than are men. We know that being an alcoholic is a terrible sin that now damages the person’s brain, affects their ability to work, to drive a car, and negatively affects their own behavior and affects many others too. The same reality is true of one taking now bad drugs as well.

I was away from my computer desk for 2 weeks basically

After more than a century of torment that saw the federal government strive to silence their languages and snuff their culture, aboriginal people packed Parliament to hear the prime minister say it for all Canadians: “We are sorry.”
I was away from my computer desk  for 2 weeks basically and when I came back I could not help but notice the many negative news  posts about our own Prime Minister Stephen Harper still, and about his bad choice of cabinet Ministers from Quebec even.. so yes I admit it was all depressing.. but why should I be surprised I have yet to be impressed by any federal cabinet minister of his yet too, but I am curious is our PM Stephen Harper and his Conservatives now next   still going to try to blame mostly  the news media for all this negative publicity which is clearly damaging the Conservative ? or are they going to take some personal responsibility, accountability honestly? and we were lied to and promised by the Conservatives a new and much better federal government too.. so where is it? Gone into the wind..
“THE BERNIER AFFAIR: ROLE OF REAL ESTATE FIRM QUESTIONED  Couillard accused of influence peddling as details emerge about first date June 12, 2008 OTTAWA — The Couillard affair mushroomed into a case of alleged influence peddling yesterday, following revelations that two Conservative officials discussed a major federal project last year with a woman with past ties to biker gangs. Federal officials confirmed that Julie Couillard raised the Kevlar Group’s bid on a project worth an estimated $30-million in Quebec City with former foreign affairs minister Maxime Bernier and ex-public works adviser Bernard Côté. The role of Kevlar in the saga appears pivotal, with sources saying last night that it was Philippe Morin, a co-chair of Kevlar, who introduced Mr. Bernier and Ms. Couillard to one another in April of 2007. The then-industry minister and Ms. Couillard ended the evening with drinks at Mr. Bernier’s hotel, Ms. Couillard said.  Mr. Morin could not be reached for comment last night. The revelation raises questions about Kevlar’s handling of its bid and Mr. Bernier’s role in the major project in the provincial capital north of his riding of Beauce. The Conservatives came to office in 2006 with a promise to clean up lobbying activities in Ottawa. Ms. Couillard, who lived with two men with ties to the Hells Angels in the 1990s, is not registered as a lobbyist, which she would have to be if she were paid to promote the interests of a company. Ms. Couillard is affiliated with Kevlar as a real-estate agent, but her role in the Quebec City project was unclear yesterday, as Kevlar officials and Ms. Couillard’s lawyer refused to elaborate on the nature of her relationship with the firm. There is also no entry in the federal lobbyist registry for Kevlar. A spokesperson for Kevlar Group Inc. president René Bellerive reiterated that Ms. Couillard had never been a company employee, but Mr. Bellerive told La Presse this week that Ms. Couillard was, in fact, associated with the company. She obtained her licence to be a real-estate agent and Mr. Bellerive agreed to “hitch” her licence to his real-estate broker’s permit at the same time as the company was pushing its bid for the federal development contract in Quebec City.   The opposition said the ongoing scandal, which has led to the resignations of both Mr. Bernier and Mr. Côté, is highlighting the Harper government’s inability to manage a major ethical crisis. Senior RCMP officers confirmed two days ago that Ms. Couillard was known to the force before her past biker ties emerged in the news media in May. The officers told members of Parliament they would look into organized-crime ties of a minister’s spouse or girlfriend if they became aware of them – and report it to the government if what they found raised concerns. Liberal MP Ujjal Dosanjh said the Harper government has to call an independent inquiry into the entire matter. “The government must reassure Canadians that the long tentacles of organized crime have not reached into the Departments of Foreign Affairs and Public Works and beyond,” Mr. Dosanjh said. Liberal Senate Leader Céline Hervieux-Payette said in the Red Chamber that the inquiry has to look into “the possibility of influence peddling” at Public Works. The Bloc Québécois called on Mr. Harper and Mr. Bernier to appear before the public-safety committee of the House, which launched a probe into the affair this week. “We’re talking about influence with a minister; we’re talking about an attempt to obtain a contract,” Bloc Leader Gilles Duceppe told reporters. Mr. Bernier resigned as foreign affairs minister last month after leaving confidential documents at Ms. Couillard’s home for up to seven weeks. A senior federal official confirmed yesterday that Ms. Couillard also discussed Kevlar’s bid on the federal project with Mr. Bernier. In an interview with Beauce radio station CHEQ-FM, Mr. Bernier broke his silence of recent weeks, saying the time since his resignation has been “mentally tough.”  He said he spent time with his family, but also in a solitary retreat, to recharge his batteries. He thanked his supporters in his riding and vowed to stay in politics, while refusing to discuss his relationship with Ms. Couillard or his mishandling of the classified documents. Mr. Côté, a senior staffer in the office of Public Works Minister Michael Fortier, was forced to quit Tuesday after it emerged that he had also discussed the Quebec City project last year with Ms. Couillard, while the two were dating. Mr. Côté did not recuse himself from the file at the time, and he resigned after the matter came to the attention of his minister two days ago. “There is an appearance of conflict, and I can’t accept that,” Mr. Fortier told reporters. A federal official said that Mr. Côté and Ms. Couillard met through a joint acquaintance, and that Ms. Couillard had raised her plans for real-estate development in the Caribbean. Another federal source said Mr. Bernier seemed anxious in recent months to introduce Ms. Couillard to his cabinet colleagues, pointing to a dinner date Ms. Couillard and Mr. Bernier had with Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day and his wife, Valorie, at Hy’s Steakhouse in March. The source said the couples spoke about ordinary things, such as sports and children, but that Mrs. Day was left with a less-than-favourable impression and that her “woman’s intuition” made her skeptical of Ms. Couillard. In an attempt to contain the growing damage from the Couillard affair, Conservative officials said yesterday there was no inside intervention in favour of the Kevlar bid. “Mr. Bernier clearly did not accept to be lobbied,” a senior official said. “
“The agent, the developer and the federal ministry: a chronology
April, 2006 Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government tables the Federal Accountability Act, which toughens provisions on lobbying and creates a Commissioner of Lobbying with increased powers to investigate unregistered lobbyists.
December, 2006 Public Works announces it needs a building in Quebec City to house 750 bureaucrats. Kevlar Group Inc. is one of 25 bidders.
March-April, 2007 Julie Couillard dates Bernard Côté, a senior adviser in the office of Public Works Minister Michael Fortier. Mr. Côté has years of experience in real estate, while Ms. Couillard is finishing her courses in that field. During their relationship, the two discuss the Kevlar proposal.
April, 2007 Ms. Couillard dines with the then-industry minister Maxime Bernier, and the two start dating, having been introduced to each other by Kevlar Group co-chair Philippe Morin. That month, Ms. Couillard attends a $1,000-a-head Conservative fundraiser south of Montreal, where Mr. Fortier is present.
August, 2007 Mr. Bernier is sworn in as foreign affairs minister, appearing at Rideau Hall with Ms. Couillard. Shortly afterward, Mr. Bernier designates Ms. Couillard as his spouse for the purpose of domestic travel on his MP’s budget.
September, 2007 Mr. Bernier and Ms. Couillard attend the annual Diplomatic Forum, held last year in New Brunswick and attended by the cream of the diplomatic corps, including the U.S. and Chinese ambassadors to Canada.
Fall, 2007 Ms. Couillard is photographed meeting U.S. President George W. Bush in New York.
December, 2007 Ms. Couillard and Mr. Bernier break up, but the two continue to be seen in public, fulfilling what Ms. Couillard said was a one-year mandate to project an air of stability in the minister’s private life.
February, 2008 Ms. Couillard appears as the minister’s date at the Politics and the Pen gala in Ottawa.
March 31, 2008 Mr. Bernier and Ms. Couillard are spotted having dinner at Hy’s restaurant in Ottawa with Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day and his wife, Val.
April, 2008 Mr. Bernier leaves classified documents at Ms. Couillard’s house
May 7, 2008 Bloc Québécois Leader Gilles Duceppe publicly discusses Ms. Couillard’s past ties to members of the Hell’s Angels, asking whether the government conducted the appropriate security checks. Mr. Harper responds the next day that the relationship between Mr. Bernier and Ms. Couillard is nobody’s business, and blasts opposition leaders as “gossipy busybodies” for asking questions on the matter.
May 26, 2008 Mr. Bernier resigns as minister of foreign affairs after Ms. Couillard reveals that he left confidential documents at her house for up to seven weeks.
June 10, 2008 RCMP officials appear before a parliamentary committee and confirm that Ms. Couillard’s past ties to bikers were known to the RCMP even before she started making national headlines. Designated traveller status for Ms. Couillard was formally removed by the government.
Yesterday Mr. Côté’s resignation is made public after he tells his superiors he discussed Kevlar’s bid for the development deal with Ms. Couillard, while not recusing himself afterward.”
by the The Canadian Press
More depressing Conservative news..
Tory MP sings different tune as Conservatives offer native apology The Canadian Press – Wed Jun 11, 9:24 PM  OTTAWA – On a day when Prime Minister Stephen Harper reached out with a contrite apology for years of racist policy, one of his high-profile MPs suggested native people need to learn the value of hard work more than they need compensation dollars.”
  • Multiple RCMP Taser zaps on rise despite warning: Canadian Press-CBC analysis The Canadian Press – Wed Jun 11, 3:30 PM OTTAWA – The RCMP has repeatedly zapped people with Tasers in a steadily rising percentage of multiple-stun cases despite an internal policy that warns numerous jolts may be hazardous.  
  • Mulroney won’t testify again at Commons committee: lawyer The Canadian Press – Wed Jun 11, 3:25 PM OTTAWA – Brian Mulroney is refusing to testify for a second time before the Commons ethics committee about his controversial financial dealings with international arms lobbyist Karlheinz Schreiber.  
  • Alta prosecutors recommend no charges against police in homeless drop-off case The Canadian Press – Wed Jun 11, 3:15 PM  EDMONTON – Special prosecutors working for Alberta Justice have recommended that no charges be laid over allegations that Edmonton police rounded up homeless people in a van and dropped them off kilometres away.