Sarah Palin After the elections?

 Now that the election is over, and Barack Obama has been elected as the 44th President… are we still going to hear about Sarah Palin? Or will her name become obsolete? After elections, the opponent that loses usually disappears within a week after the election… but this is Sarah Palin we’re talking about… 

75 percent of evenagelicals still did not vote for Obama, or 49 percent of the voting US population..

“The media is already harping on the fact that 60 percent of voters expressed doubts about Sarah Palin being ready to take over as President should something happen to John McCain.

But if you study the exit polls carefully, there is no evidence that this fact actually influenced the vote.

When people were asked if Palin’s presence on the ticket was an important factor in their decision, 60 percent answered yes, 33 percent no. But of the 60 percent that said yes, 56 percent ended up voting McCain versus 43 percent Obama.

On the other hand, of the 33 percent that said no, only 33 percent voted McCain versus 64 percent Obama.

What does this mean? People who thought Palin’s presence on the ticket was important were more likely to vote McCain by a significant margin. So the media is allowing their bias to influence the interpretation of the data.

You can look even closer than that. Palin was picked specifically to influence a few key demographics for the Republicans – women, independents, white evangelicals and gun owners:

– White women voted McCain/Palin 53-46. That’s within the margin of error for how Bush/Cheney score with the same group in 2004, 55-44.

– White independents voted McCain/Palin 49-47. There are no comparable data on this group for 2004, but we do know that independents went for Kerry 49-48 in 2004, and 52-44 for Obama this year. It’s safe to conclude that the swing to Obama in this category was caused by non-white independents voting overwhelmingly for the Democratic ticket.

– White evangelical/born again cCristians voted McCain/Palin 74-24 in 2008, which is slightly lower than the 78-21 breakdown in 2004. But their share of the total vote was larger this time than last time (26 percent in 2008 versus 23 percent in 2004), so on balance the white evangelical/born again contribution to the Republican vote was probably about the same size as it was in 2004.

– Gun owners voted for McCain/Palin in the same numbers they voted for Bush/Cheney last time round: 62-37 in 2008 versus 63-36 in 204

So, in those four major target groups, Palin delivered the goods for the McCain campaign. These are groups that were skeptical about McCain before Palin joined the ticket.

In all four categories, the McCain/Palin share of the vote was virtually identical to the Bush/Cheney share in 2004. That seemed impossible before Sarah Palin.

Sarah Palin will be a force to be reckoned with over the next four years.”

Sarah Palin In 2012

It was a teary-eyed Sarah Palin who waved to the crowd in Phoenix last night and is now on her way home to Alaska to split time as Governor and Mom.

She has a son in Iraq, a daughter pregnant and an infant with Down Syndrome.

She has her hand’s full.

But she has made it clear that this is not the last we will see of Sarah Palin.

“I’m not doing this for naught,” Palin said last week, when asked if all the mudslinging in the campaign made her long for a return to the more sedate politics of Alaska, where she is governor.

After McCain’s stinging loss, Palin, 44, has emerged as one of the strongest brands the Republicans have got.

As one of the most recognisable figures in a party searching for direction and new leadership, Palin’s future role will be a major theme when Republican heavyweights weigh up strategies for the 2010 mid-term congressional elections.

“She definitely is going to be the most popular Republican in this country when this thing is over,” Republican strategist Ed Rollins, and former political director to president Ronald Reagan, told CNN before the election.

And the carefully coiffed conservative Christian who cast herself as a maverick, a reformer and an anti-corruption star, has clearly indicated the 2008 run wasn’t an end-all to her national political ambitions.

“I think that, if I were to give up and wave a white flag of surrender against some of the political shots that we’ve taken, that would bring this whole” endeavour to nothing, Palin told ABC last week.

In the last pre-election episode of NBC’s Saturday Night Live, comedienne Tina Fey, in her much lauded role impersonating Palin, made a show of “going rogue” from the McCain campaign talking points by trying to hawk “Palin 2012” t-shirts.

At Republican rallies in recent weeks supporters too have been seen displaying “Palin 2012″ shirts and banners.

There has been talk in Hollywood of Sarah Palin getting a talk show; talk in Washington of Sarah Palin as the best fundraiser the Republicans have; talk in Alaska of Sarah Palin running for the Senate.

There is a world of options in front of Sarah Palin. She is the star of the Republican Conservative base and if you think she will stay in Alaska for long – you’re wrong.”

 if you think the evangelicals have died for long – you’re wrong

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  1. There will probably be a fight for new leadership in the House, and Bohner should go, in my opinion.

    We need a NATIONAL LEADER, of which there is NONE in the Senate of House for conservative values that can take the helm of the Conservative Movement right now.

    But there IS someone who is NOT busy for the next several years, and who is ready to lead us to victory in 2010 and 1012.

    What we desperately need right now is a leader that can immediately inspire Republicans and Conservatives so that we can immediately begin to formulate a message so that he can inspire the money needed to get momentum going for our chances of success in two, short years. Messenger, money, momentum.

    There is only ONE person that can devote FULL TIME to our causes and lead our Movement, and that man is Mr. Mitt Romney. He is the ONLY figure that can start the ball rolling right now at the speed of warp.

  2. Everyone Mormon it seems wants to believe that Mormonism won’t be a problem if he runs in 2012. Think again. Mormon Mitt Romney’s Evangelical Problem is unsurpassable.. the right wing evangelicals will never, never support him for in their eyes rightfully Mormons are not even Christians, they are a cult, a sect, false prophets. What they do not need is to elect another anti Christ.. Romney is a Mormon, a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS). Even the Catholics do not belive the Mormons are Christians.. Mormonism was never an issue when Orrin Hatch ran for president, but Hatch was never talked up with even a smidgen of the seriousness that accompanies the Massachusetts governor. We live in a political era in which, thanks largely to Republicans, candidates are virtually required to talk openly about their religious views. There is no way a Republican, especially in a GOP primary, can avoid the issue–if for no other reason than the press and the real Christians won’t let them. It’s understandable that political observers want to naively think Romney’s religion wouldn’t be a problem. Dream on…Romney’s obstacle is the evangelical base–a voting bloc that now makes up 30 percent of the Republican electorate and that wields particular influence in primary states like South Carolina and Virginia.” Mormons were not like us, they are not Christian”. Just as it is hard to overestimate the importance of evangelicalism in the modern Republican Party, it is nearly impossible to overemphasize the problem evangelicals have with Mormonism. It is a fixable and forever as well. To evangelicals, Mormonism isn’t just another religion. It’s a cult. “A stronghold of Satan”. They will not even accept Romney as vice-president, never mind a President. While the Mormons themselves do believe that they are the fully realized strain of Christianity–hence the “latter-day saints.” They acknowledge extra-biblical works of scripture (such as the Book of Mormon and the Doctrine and Covenants), follow a series of prophets who claim to have received divine revelations, and teach that God inhabits an actual physical body. This is all blasphemy to evangelicals; and rightfully they argue that “the Bible explicitly warns against adding to or detracting from its teaching” and refer to the revelations as “realistic deception[s] by the Devil himself. “Most evangelicals still regard Mormonism as a cult,” “Evangelical Christians consider Mormonism a threat in a way that Catholicism and even Judaism are not. The LDS Church, they charge, has perverted Christian teachings to create a false religion. To be tolerant of Mormonism is to put evangelical Christianity at risk. And to put a Mormon in the White House would be to place a stamp of approval on that faith. 50 million Southern Baptists alone have been particularly vocal about labeling the LDS Church a “cult.” and declared that Utah was “a stronghold of Satan.” “evangelicals are regularly instructed as to why Mormonism is a cult.” That is just the start of how the evangelical Christians feel rightfully about the Mormons still too. Even Republican Charles Colson reminded his radio listeners that “while Mormons share some beliefs with Christians, they are not Christians.” “I respect Mormons and work with them,” he said, “but we can’t gloss over our fundamental differences.” One longtime political observer put it this way: “Publicly, it’s not an issue. Privately, it’s a big damn issue.” When Evangelicals are asked if “Would you be more or less likely to vote for Mitt Romney as a Mormon, and since some Mormons believe in polygamy?” The main answer still is never! For the Christians there is a already a sure and a much better option , one of their own, and it is undeniably Sarah Palin still. Yes the modern GOP’s reliance on evangelical voters and its elevation of personal religiosity will doom the chances of this candidate. Or, to put it in evangelical terms, it might be easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for Mitt Romney to win any of the Republican nominations. All as simple now as that too.

    but now you should see my post about Faith based polling results with regard to Obama now too..

    But still a politician’s religion tends to shows his basis for a moral value or lack of thereof..

    even the religious people now still do have a right to chose whom they want.. even based on one’s relgion..

    LARGEST Religions in the United States, 2004
    Christianity 224,437,959
    Nonreligious/Secular 38,865,604
    Judaism 3,995,371
    Islam 1,558,068
    Buddhism 1,527,019
    Agnostic 1,398,592
    Atheist 1,272,986
    Hinduism 1,081,051
    Unitarian Universalist 887,703

    Religious Preference March 2002
    Christian 82 percent of which
    the Protestants are 52 percent
    and the Catholics 24

    Largest denominational families in U.S., (self-identification, ARIS) Adult Pop. 2004 Est.
    Catholic 71,796,719
    Baptist 47,744,049
    Pentecostal/Charismatic 6,219,569
    Assemblies of God 1,560,890
    Methodist/Wesleyan 19,969,799
    Lutheran 13,520,189
    Presbyterian 7,897,597
    Episcopalian/Anglican 4,870,373

    and all cannot disregard the influence they do also have on others too.

    According to a poll in the 1990s, about one in five Christians in the United States claims to be a Baptist The Baptists number over 110 million worldwide in more than 220,000 congregations, and are considered the largest world communion of evangelical Protestants, with an estimated 38 million members in North America.[4] Large populations of Baptists also exist in Asia, Africa and Latin America, notably in India (2.4 million), Nigeria (2.5 million), Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) (1.9 million), and Brazil (1.7 million).[5]

    Largest Christian denominations in the world
    2.1 Catholicism – 1.2 billion
    2.2 Protestantism – 699 million[2]
    2.3 Eastern Orthodoxy – 260 million
    2.4 Oriental Orthodox Church – 81.0 million
    2.5 Anglicanism – 77 million
    2.6 Nontrinitarianism – 23 million
    2.7 Nestorianism – 1 million

    See also


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