Internet monthly download limits

NEW YORK – Three months ago, Guy Distaffen switched Internet providers, lured from his cable company to his phone company by a year of free service on a two-year contract. But soon the company quietly updated its policies to say it would limit his Internet activity each month.  “We felt that were suckered,” said Distaffen, who lives in the small village of Silver Springs in upstate New York.  The phone company, Frontier Communications Corp., is one of several Internet service providers that are moving to curb the growth of traffic on their networks, or at least make the subscribers who download the most pay more. 

This could have consequences not just for consumers — who would have to learn to watch how much data their Internet use entails — but also for companies that hope to make the Internet a conduit for movies and other content that comes in huge files.

Comcast Corp., the second-largest internet service provider in the United States, confirmed Thursday it would set an official limit on the amount of data subscribers can download and upload each month. On Oct. 1, the cable company will change its user agreement to say that users will be allowed 250 gigabytes of traffic per month, the company announced on its website.

Caps are not the same as throttling. Many ISP such as Bell also  have severe download throtlling during peak times, evenings and weekends.. and they throttle torrents FROM  520 Kb/sec, to a trickle of  30 Kb/sec!!!

Any excuse to “throttle” or to cap for extra cash seems to be the fare of the day with greedy gouging hogs, wild Boars, the ISP’s these days.

One person has said “one of the best ISPs in the world…. Novus…we have fiber right to our apartment, 10mBit service and no hard data caps…  fast, and in both directions, …and they offer a 50mBit service as well….”

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“My more costly plan with Shaw Cable has 100 GB per month cap and download speed of 10 Mbps. ”

 “National Capital FreeNet works great for me and they have a 200GB download limit. Bell and Rogers seems to want to take advantage of people that don’t read the fine print. Monthly charges can get very expensive we you have to start paying for extra download allocation.”

Bell, Sympatico,  now is not even close to being competetitive..

Do pass on this page also to others.. 

BEIJING (AFP) – Around four million Chinese youngsters are addicted to the Internet, mainly attracted by   “unhealthy” online games, state media reported Friday, citing a top legislator. “Internet-addicted teenagers” account for around 10 percent of China’s Web users under the age of 18, the Beijing Times said, quoting Li Jianguo, a vice chairman of the standing committee of the National People’s Congress, or parliament. The committee has called for stricter monitoring of Internet games that have illegal or inappropriate content, the report said. It has also said games should include technology that automatically logs players off once they exceed a set number of hours of continuous play.;_ylt=AsoTW_LWMCNi0G8z0NqJvNBk24cA


Net neutrality bill hits House

Amazing one of the most active complaint issues by the citizens on Canada’s interent and the major political parties in Canada  still have no comment? Why?

“The CRTC certainly shows no signs of protecting consumers, nor do the Conservatives and Liberals; they are much more likely to protect the interests of corporations when it comes to an issue such as this”..

Net neutrality bill hits House of Commons – 14 hours ago
By Peter Nowak CBC News NDP digital spokesman Charlie Angus doesn’t believe the CRTC has all the tools it needs to prevent interference in the internet by service providers.
Net neutrality bill ‘about fairness to consumers’
Federal NDP To Introduce Net Neutrality Bill
Metro Canada – Ottawa – IT World Canada Blogs – GigaOm – mediacaster
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Interesting to note that this issue gets no  attention from Canada’s MAJOR private media organizations. Why? They are clearly influenced by Bell? Compare this to ,,

Stand by your ex (or be hoist by your own Couillard) Globe and Mail –  What was he doing in Julie Couillard’s house so long after they had broken up? Why did he leave sensitive documents there?
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“Net neutrality bill hits House of Commons

The NDP has followed through with its promise to introduce legislation to the House of Commons that seeks to keep the internet open and free from control by service providers.

“This bill is about fairness to consumers,” said Charlie Angus, the NDP’s digital spokesman, in the House of Commons on Wednesday. “The internet is a critical piece of infrastructure not just for Canada but for the world … this bill protects the innovation agenda of Canada.”

The private member’s bill, C-552, is in reaction to moves by some of Canada’s largest internet service providers (ISPs), including Bell Canada Inc. and Rogers Communications Inc., to limit their customers’ uses of the internet. Bell, Rogers and a few others say a small percentage of customers have been congesting their networks by using peer-to-peer applications such as BitTorrent, so they have slowed the internet down at peak times of the day.

The ISPs’ actions have provoked outrage from internet users, with about 300 protesters taking to the steps of Parliament Hill on Tuesday. Critics have said the targeting of peer-to-peer applications is just the tip of the iceberg. If ISPs are allowed to decide which internet applications can and can’t be used, innovative new companies that were born from experimentation — such as Google, Amazon and eBay — may not happen in the future.

“Net neutrality affects everybody, every person, every business, every hospital, every institution is involved in the exchange of information over the internet,” Angus told “This shouldn’t be about party lines.”

The four-page bill seeks to amend the Telecommunications Act and “prohibit network operators from engaging in network management practices that favour, degrade or prioritize any content, application or service transmitted over a broadband network based on its source, ownership or destination, subject to certain exceptions.”

It also looks to prohibit “network operators from preventing a user from attaching any device to their network and requires network operators to make information about the user’s access to the internet available to the user.”

The proposed bill makes exception for ISPs to manage traffic in reasonable cases, Angus said, such as providing stable speeds for applications such as gaming or video conferencing.

“There are areas where telecoms have to be able to exercise rights, but that doesn’t give them the ability to arbitrarily interfere or discriminate,” Angus said.

Section 27 (2) of the Telecommunications Act says: “No Canadian carrier shall, in relation to the provision of a telecommunications service or the charging of a rate for it, unjustly discriminate or give an undue or unreasonable preference toward any person, including itself, or subject any person to an undue or unreasonable disadvantage.”
The CRTC certainly shows no signs of protecting consumers, nor do the Conservatives and Libersls; they are much more likely to protect the interests of corporations when it comes to an issue such as this..

Officials at Bell and Rogers did not immediately return requests for comment.

A spokesperson for Minister of Industry Jim Prentice also did not immediately return a request for comment. The spokesperson also did not reply to requests for comment on the net neutrality rally.

Liberal industry critic Scott Brison has not weighed in on the issue, despite having held meetings with Bell, Rogers and several smaller ISPs a few weeks ago. His spokesman did not reply to a request for comment on Wednesday.

The CRTC can’t impose fines for companies violating the Telecommunications Act? Then what is the point of the act?

Section 36 also says: “Except where the commission approves otherwise, a Canadian carrier shall not control the content or influence the meaning or purpose of telecommunications carried by it for the public.”

Despite those two sections, Angus said CRTC chairman Konrad von Finckenstein told the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage two weeks ago that the regulator did not have sufficient means to punish ISPs violating the rules. Finckenstein said the CRTC needs the ability to impose monetary penalties for violating both the Telecommunications and Broadcasting Acts.


The Canadian government, courts and Bell

Anyone still wonder why the Conservatives cannot get out of their minority government slump? Over and over again I have the citizens say the same thing even face to face today.. “the politicians do nothing about the immoral, lying, stealing, no good, abusive Corporations in Canada like Bell Sympatico  because they too often do the same thing. The Conservatives included.” Bell Sympatico complaints
Canadians are fighting back against Bell Canada’s traffic shaping  by organizing a rally in support of network neutrality. The rally is being backed by a long list of organizations including Google, two major political parties, three ISPs, and two major unions. It was set for today May 27, 2007 Tuesday at 11:30 am on Parliament Hill in Ottawa. The only question that remains is, will the government listen?”
“The federal New Democrats will introduce a private member’s bill on Wednesday that would entrench the principle of “net neutrality” and enact rules to keep the internet free from interference by service providers, an NDP MP told a rally Tuesday in Ottawa.Parliament Hill was beset by about 300 people impassioned by an issue not usually associated with protest marches: internet access. “Save the internet,” read one angry placard. “Say no to Big Brother watching you,” said another.The New Democratic Party’s Charlie Angus told the cheering crowd that the private member’s bill would protect Canadian consumers from having their internet speeds “throttled” by service providers.”You are citizens of a digital realm and you have rights,” he said.The protesters, some of whom boarded buses in the early morning hours to get to the rally, are supporters of net neutrality, a movement urging the government to enact rules that prevent large internet service providers (ISPs) from interfering with the free flow of information over the internet. “Our net not for sale,” they chanted, as well as, “Whose net? Our net.”At issue in the net neutrality debate are the actions of big ISPs that have been slowing down the internet speeds of customers who use certain types of applications, such as peer-to-peer software used for file sharing.Bell Canada Inc. and Rogers Communications Inc., Canada’s two largest ISPs, as well as a few others including Videotron Ltée. and Cogeco Inc., have for some time been engaging in a practice known as “traffic shaping” or “throttling,” where speeds of certain types of internet applications are slowed at certain times of the day. The main targets have been peer-to-peer applications such as BitTorrent, which have emerged as efficient ways of transferring large files like videos.The ISPs say they are throttling such applications because a small percentage of customers are creating network congestion through constant use, which is slowing down connection speeds for the majority.Angus took a swipe at the Liberals, who have been largely silent on the issue of net neutrality. Industry critic Scott Brison met with Bell, Rogers and other independent ISPs weeks ago, but has still not formed a position.”This is not a partisan issue, but we’re hearing radio silence,” Angus told “Where are the Liberals?”Mauril Bélanger, Liberal MP for Ottawa-Vanier, also addressed the crowd and agreed that control of the internet must be kept out of the hands of vested interests. He said the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) already has the power to do this with the Telecommunications Act and refused to support the NDP’s billProtesters at the rally said the ISPs have not only failed to prove their claims regarding the need for throttling, they also have no right to pick and choose which internet applications run faster than others.”When did Bell deign to say what’s good and what’s bad?” said Gatsby Wong, 32, a computer technician who got on a bus in Toronto at 4 a.m. in order to get to the rally. “Who gave them that right?”Protesters also said the practices are anticompetitive, since internet-based phone or video sales services run up against the ISPs’ own existing business lines.”They say they have a congestion problem, but where’s the proof?” said Mark Farr, 49, a renovations worker who made the trip from Welland, Ont., to attend the rally. “They say I’m the problem, but they’re the problem.”Spokespeople for Bell and Rogers did not return requests for comment.Rally leaders urged Minister of Industry Jim Prentice and the CRTC to enact rules enshrining the rights of internet users. Net neutrality isn’t just an issue for technical geeks, they said, it is vital for maintaining freedom of speech and for keeping the innovation that has resulted in the birth and growth of such revolutionary companies as Google, Amazon and eBay.”We need to protect the internet from being hijacked by vested interests,” said Phillipa Lawson, director of the Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic (CIPPIC), at the University of Ottawa. ” If market forces could solve this problem we wouldn’t be here today.”Rocky Gaudrault, the rally’s main organizer and chief executive officer of TekSavvy Solutions Inc., told protesters that net neutrality is comprised of three basic principles: competition, innovation and consumer rights. “I’m sorry, but none of those are for sale.”

Smaller ISPs such as TekSavvy, as well as more than 50 others represented at the rally by the Canadian Association of Internet Providers (CAIP), are taking particular exception with Bell’s traffic-shaping practices. Because it has a taxpayer-funded monopoly over phone-cable infrastructure in much of Canada, Bell — as well as other phone companies — is mandated by the CRTC to rent portions of its network to CAIP members so they can provide services to their own customers.  


It has already been openly alleged that Bell has somone at the CRTC in their back pocket.

Capping: The Criminal Code of Canada’s section 184.2.c.i-ii DOES NOT warrant them to do packet sniffing. It allows them to ONLY ‘sample’ traffic for quality reasons. You need to remember that these rules were drafted to stop people making their own wire taps on phone technology. What the statement is saying is that: If I am a phone tech I am allowed to connect to the line to check for hums/crackels/dead-service and then do my job to fix it. With Internet traffic you may not capture a person’s traffic unless a court order is issued to do so. The subject of traffic shaping is very different…They are looking into packet headers and making changes that are not a privacy issue…
What you can do : Complain  for a start to CRTC » ,
Competition Bureau »···/en/Home ,    

News media
Local MP’s, PM’s of all provinces:
Honourable Jim Prentice

On how to deal with it

On how to deal with it 
A great constant high speed Internet service,  or problem plagued one rather?
Did you pay for an high speed unlimited download, constant, reliable  Internet services from  Rogers, Videotron, Telus,  Bell Sympatico, or what ever? and you clearly you still do know that your ISP, Internet service provider’s system is slow, sluggish, constantly downed, and they does not give you even their original promised high speed rather? Are most of these ISP companies the same, or what they are all good or all bad too?
Well be of good cheer, for you likley here are not alone too, their are likley now  hundreds of thousands of persons even like you. Complaining now too.
So what can you personally really do good about any of it now too?
Well you   first now  call  supposedly  your Canadian Bell Sympatico technical representative or what ever, rightfully and next likely they will refer you an supposedly appropriate Internet site, send you supposedly appropriate emails or you will by phone be told any of the following –
1: The problem is with your Computer operating system, you might have to contact Microsoft for it might be defective. But if that was the case none of the programs on your computer would be working firstly.
2: The problem is in your memory or hard drive cache, or your actual memory capacity, management of it, but you have already rebooted your computer, deleted the temporary files and it does not help.
3: The problem is with the much too many spyware on your computer,  but you already have a good spyware checker, and you do a weekly regualr maintenace on your computer too.
4: The problem is likely a virus on your computer causing all these  problems, but you already have a good virus checkertoo.
5: The problem might be with you home, office internal phone line connections, or the related cable connections and filters, and so they may if you are lucky send you a technician to look at it.. they sent  you 6 of them in one year even.. it does not help basically.
6: The problem might be with your modem itself, so they next do send you another one, and next another one and next another one too.. 6 of them..
7: The problem might be in your inappropriate initialization, configuration of your modem, or your emailing software and they will help you on line to reconfigure it.
and none of this it does not help you? But why?
– Maybe you just run out of luck and the representative you dealt with is firstly  totally incompetent, as it is likely in half of the cases to start of with, and the representative they  falsely do next  object to you for your  raised your voice in protest, and so they does even hang up on you. They do not want to admit they are incompetent, basically stupid to you for their boss, or another department,  might find out if he the boss does not know it already?
– So you do immediately call back and ask to speak to the manager, the Bioss himself and likely next also  find out he knows nothing about computers, or even about  bitt torrents too?
– So next your complaint phone call is now eventaully transferred to the Bell Sympatico accounting department, but they still do want to know why you are talking to them? for they know nothing about these problmes of yours, nor especially about the Internet,  and they really cannot help you.
-Finally you next are even of you are lucky passed to the main Bell executive expediting office itself, and yes they finally do promise to look at it, to help you, but firstly to you they complain to you they are over booked and under staffed and they next do promise to call you back, days, weeks, months  later and hey still have not called you back too..
So what do you do next?
Maybe the main  Internet service problem is not in your home or office, but God forbid it may be at Bell Sympatico itself? your ISP? Their respective, representatives technicians, equipment, services too . It is likley next  generally a long drawn out affair before this or any of it is or  was admitted.
Likkely –
1: They your ISP have been, are cutting back on your email capacity and
2: They you  ISP have been, are cutting back on your download speed?
but now why would they even try to do that?
What they have over advertised their capabilities, and are unable to meet most of the customer demands on their services to start of with anyway?
Why? Firstly to make more profit, money and also to try to save spending their money installing any more needed high speed lines, because they do not have high speed fibber cable in most of Canada to start off, and high speed is only available what 4.5 km from the center of most Bell centers, in most of major big cities, and for the rest of you, they seem to only pretend only they are giving you high speed on their old, definitely inadequate phone lines.
But did you firstly even  check your actual download speeds being delivered by your ISP to you at any of the any reliable “Internet speed test” sites available on the net? Use a search engine to find them, try them all if you have to too. or try
So next  you do find out that your download speed as at now being 1 megs, or 2.2 megs but not the 6, 7 or 16 your had been promised and had paid for? Wow what a revelation?
Of course you immediately next do call your ISP, or Bell Sympatico technical representatives or even the Bell management and they assure you that you have the original promised speed, but  what else did you expect them to tell you, to truthfully tell you that they have not been keeping their high speed promises to you and many others the last many years? Now you got to be dreaming, or joking? if you think they might firstly tell you the whole truth, even if one honest person now next of five at Bell admits to it, the other 4/5 will likely next still deny it.
Or worse than all that Bell Sympatico now says to you that  if you enter now into a new, higher cost, higher speed contract with them they will overcome all of your Internet problems immediately? But can you even next trust them to do that if they have not kept their old promises to you firstly still too? Read the fine print on the new contract , many people wgo did not next found out they had lost their unlimited download capabilities.
Such above Problem ISP services has been the reality of many persons reality in my neighborhood
So next  you finally do  talk to your knowledgable, technical, nerdy  friends, others and ask them what you should   about it next?
1 One group says you should just forget the wool thing, that they had ripped you off all these years now too, and just pay the 100 cancellation fees and go to a new Internet service provider, and what makes them think it will be any better next there too?
2 The second group says try their new higher speed contract, likely with the same old problem behavior
3 The third group says fight back, and what is the best way to do this
– Write a letter to Bell, Rogers with a copy to your what useless too elected officials, Consumer Affairs Ministers, CRTC and copies to the major news editors asking your ISP or Bell to respect their past contract agreement with you and also  to give you a credit for your past inadequate services too ASAP. Immediately too.
– Register in wrting a complain with a proper regulating body..
So now you win your battle, get your original promised high speed Internet services finally, and they do give you your original promised download, speed, give you a credit as well for 6 months free Internet service, and you are on the ball,  rolling high. But for how long? What the right hand gives the left hand can take away?
A month later you sadly, furiously do  discover they your IP broke their agreed upon past promises to you, they even cut back on their high speed delivery to,,, etc.,
So what do you do now?.
Repeat the whole process… or move on? It is your choice still.
Broadband firms grilled over speed limits Broadband Finder
The Press Association – Guardian Unlimited – Broadband Watchdog – Which?
all 27 news articles »
Are you looking for a Cable or DSL, phone Internet service? First Search for the Internet providers available in you area, and also do ask your neighbors what is their experience concerning their Broadband service. Ask about:

 UK ISPs pressed to explain slow broadband (subscription), UK – 11 Oct 2007
The UK regulator’s consumer advisory body, the Ofcom Consumer Panel, has called on internet service providers to clarify advertised broadband speeds. …

ISPs quizzed over slow broadband
Which?, UK – 10 Oct 2007
Britain’s top internet service providers (ISPs) have been asked to explain why consumers often don’t get advertised broadband connection speeds.

In august Which? reported that although many packages advertise speeds of ‘up to’ 8 megabytes per second, the average speed for such connections was 2.7 Mbps.

1.  The “Speed” that they actually get.
2.  Down time experience.
3.  Speed Capping, and port blocking.
4.  Tech support.  In a case that the service is not obtained from the owner of the system (I.e. the Internet provider is not your regular Cable or Telephone provider).  It is very important to ask how Tech support works. In many situations the Tech. on site response can be very slow since your provider might need the actual line owner to provide the service.
Here is another truth that should have been dealt with a decade ago by the governments, governess too. Bell Sympatico’s poor Internet speeds, false, misleading adverting.. “Anyone can deliver the Internet. Only Bell brings you Total Internet.  New Sympatico Total Internet service from Bell gives you everything you need for a complete Internet experience, including: Consistently fast access that’s never shared 2 Consistently fast access that’s never shared  Your Internet access is yours alone, so you’ll enjoy consistently fast speed, without frustrating slowdowns, even during peak hours.  We have one of the largest fibre optic networks in Canada, and we continue to bring this leading-edge technology to even more homes, improving your Internet experience.” 
I have paid for and I am rightfully expected as promised a steady reliable high speed Internet system since 2001 but I have not received it for most of the time. I got the opposite.”Part of the problem that the Sympatico division is having, is that it appears to have over estimated the distance over which its network can operate effectively. Company policy states that high-speed service only operates effectively for clients that are located within four and a half kilometers from a Bell central office.  But according to one Bell employee, many customers that are close to, but not over, the distance limit are experiencing slow downloads speeds and difficulty logging on at peak periods. So why is Sympatico selling the service, when it can’t deliver? “ ”We have one of the largest fibre optic networks in Canada”, is also misleading because 90 percent of Canada’s geographical area cannot have this access, and that means that at least 50 percent of Bell Sympatico high speed Internet customers also do not have this access but are supposedly paying for it..These simple, clear issue should be resolved even in one day even by Consumer Affairs and not in  months, or years..
“To Bell Sympatico  January 31, 2008
Thank you for your long time awaited response but it was unacceptable one still too. Now deal adequately with my complaint, problem ASAP too.
 Real, enforced Consumer protection is needed against the too often lying, crooked Internet service provider’s and their personnel as well..
Bell Sympatico as I have detailed to all now many times, and undeniably too,  they have over advertised their capabilities, and are unable to meet most of the customer demands on their services to start of with anyway. Why? Firstly to make more profit, money and also to try to save spending their money installing any more needed high speed lines, because they do not have high speed fibber cable in most of Canada to start off, and high speed is only available what 4.5 km from the center of most Bell centers, in most of major big cities, and for the rest of you, they seem to only pretend only they are giving you high speed on their old, definitely inadequate phone lines.Please note that any traffic management by you now on any of my Internet downloads is illegal for I do for many years do  have a high speed unlimited Internet download contract with you. Any changes to it would require my mutual approval firstly tool. Your latest Internet management techniques have illegal violated your past contract agreement and you have to stop doing that or face a real penalty for not honoring our agree upon original contract by law now too. as far as the P@P usage it is none of your business firstly.. what I do with my computer on the net as well but firstly you u did not reply adequately to me for my Bit torrent software never blocked my email as I had told you before firstly so why do you say it does now supposedly? how would you know that? Rather you are the e one who reduced  my email capacity and download speeds illegally now as well firstly. Correct it immediately or else you will face the negative real consequences for breaking falsely my contract with you. Bell even does not do now  traffic management on all if it’s commercial customers now too… so do not do it on my services as well. ( Bell next changed it’s policy and it regulated it’s  ISP providers too)
Internet top Internet service providers (ISPs) have been asked to explain why consumers often don’t get advertised broadband connection speeds too. …”

 Bad persons, and Politicians, bad corporations  tend to be the same world wide, and the solution the same, full Public exposure and full prosecution of the guilty serves every one’s best interest next too still. For if the evil bad person is not exposed, punished they still  have no reasons to stop doing bad things and doing good things instead. They by the public exposure of their own bad acts they next also do find out that a good name was worth more than all the silver and gold they had hoped to acquire. And many next have as a result too.    

Because Bell Sympatico has often HAD breached my ISP contractual agreement  and  NEXT Bell Sympatico had forcibly falsely disconnected my ISP service with them too thus next  I have been forced to switch over to the Canadian   -Residential High Speed ADSL without any Limits and  No Blocked Ports or Traffic Shapping, plus Unlimited Downloading 100 GB of Online Storage Up to 5 Mbps Download and 800 Kbps Upload  $18.95 per month  This offer is available on a 1 year term and the first year of service. Call Tel:  1-866-281-3538 ,  1-416-849-8520
 “If you were half as good at running a company as you were at lobbying, maybe you’d have a better network,”  Quebecor executive vice-president Luc Lavoie who took a shot at the quality of Bell Canada’s cellphone service: .
 The future is wireless, some would say  and the  past way they have mismanaged their past land line, ISP services too,  clearly indicates they will do it also next with the wireless services too at the users, customers expenses…
Recent discussions by both Bell and Rogers on their Corporate need  to get more and more money, with even any excuse, still out of consumers, and to throttle the downloads,  only all clearly confirms the reality as to how poorly managed these same companies in reality are still.. They too now have been wrongfully over subsidized by the CRTC, the Canadian  federal governments now too… now it is rather time the citizens got the break, protection.
But the way the Bell customer support services tended to poorly handle my rightful complaints was ridiculous next as well. They had mislead me often as to what the real problem was, it was bad poor Bell itself, their inabilities  to meet theor own  promised contract terms. (Prov 27:2 KJV)  Let another man praise thee, and not thine own mouth; a stranger, and not thine own lips.
Bell Sympatico undeniably clearly had beforehand promised me verbally a “high speed unlimited, uncapped, reliable, continual download services,  and not they will try to next to  offer me this, submit  their best service but they had, have  to deliver to my next what was promised.  In reality they had clearly failed to live up to their own advertisement, promises because of their in incapableness now to do so to me and often as I had witnessed even for 24 months and rightfully detailed, had complained to them too.  Bell, their false pride of self importance has gone to their head and has allowed also the employees, even the president of Bell, vice president of Bell Sympatico to wrongfully now be abusive to  me ,  to wrongfully think that they can dictate their  own contract obligations, terms now to others, to wrongfully make their own self evaluations too, and that the others, like me, have no choice but to comply even to their clearly lies, distortions, perversities. The Bell president himself now also needs to be reminded that a contract is a joint agreement amongst two equal, mutually submissive  parties, and that both parties have to respect the contract agreement, and each other, meaning definitely that Bell has to respect the customer now too.. When this immoral Bell perverts now even writes to me and says according to our own records we have adequately supplied your our services, that is a disserted one sided fact, not necessarily or rightfully shared by the customer now, me. I have dealt with another ISP and they were more honest as to what they had promised me and next delivered in comparisons to Bell Sympatico  now too. The Bell competitors  download speeds are significantly higher all the time as well,  with no capping too  and even cheaper too.   
Reality- Dirty Dirty Bell Sympatico …the most abusive Corporation, firm I have dealt in Canada in my lifetime. Paul Kambulow
 Not acceptable, and Comments are not  needed  FOR THERE IS NO WAY TO DISPROVE THE TRUTH..


Do pass on this page also to others.. 


Bell Sympatico

 Bell you should note that this page has beome very popular to read by the others. If you want to cancel your Bell Sympatico contract just write the truth about Bell on the net and they will do it next for you gladly,

Bell Sympatico executive Care Sasha Rollins, CRTC, Jim Prentice MP,  even you all should have realized by now THAT HAD YOU PROPERLY DEALT WITH MY COMPLAINTS THE FIRST TIME, INSTEAD OF LYING TO ME, AMUSING, ABUSING ME, PRETENDING YOU HAD CARED, NEXT I WOULD NOT HAVE HAD TO MAIL YOU FIRSTLY THE 300 EMAIL LETTERS  OF MY COMPLAINTS NEXT..  Bell Sympatico Sasha Rollins  you should have also learned by now that taking a false Ostrich approach towards me, and my many rightful complaints about big bad bell Sympatico still does not make me go away.. nor my complaints too.
—– Original Message —–
From: paul kambulow
Sent: Tuesday, April 15, 2008 5:01 PM
Subject: Letter of Sacha Rollins April 8 2008 to me.

Attention Bell Sympatico, Sasha Rollins,  Monday April 14 2008

1. I find it rightfully ridiculous that you would not reply to my past many detailed emails of rightful complaints about Bell’s  violating my internet contract, Bell’s false denials of my internet services, clearly you would not provide a real adequate internet services, and you would not  return any of my phone calls, this year even, since January 2008, and now you next even wrongfully send me your inadequate  letter of reply to my home with  your  distorted, one sided version of your  Bell contract.  A Bell Sympatico contract and agreement that you have clearly and undeniably not even in the last 2 years lived up too, in the the last 28 months too. You undeniably had  not held your promises, contract obligations clearly too as I had detailed, and even why even many times to Bell  in writing. And your version of the terms of Bell’s contract agreements now even still undeniably contravenes the laws of Quebec now too, as I had detailed to you many time now here  too, for there is no legal contract permissible by law that says you will give me your best, or up to speed, rather to be a valid contract it has to be solely a fixed amount firstly.You clearly perversely had omitted now also to deal with all the points in my many letters even to you the last many months, and not just the last 2 weeks, and copies of which  that all news editors, major MPS got now  too. Your support services were, are still crappy, rather immoral, lying, no good.

2. It should be also now  very ironic that your letter arrives to me today when your own Bell  internet services  still does not only not work at all  today, but as you had threatened me in writing previously if I continue to write letters of complaints to others you would  cut it off totally, I have no internet services the last few days, and you falsely want to get paid for all if it still too. A promised by the Sympatico test center serviceman who was to show up at my home today, Monday April 14, 2005  at 1 pm next did not show up, and I still do have problems with sending emails, even even the last 3 days still too. I stayed home just to wait for them too. Hopefully he now may show up tomorrow as promised.  This is the second no show repairman I have had now in the last year as well. You  thus yet have to give me even my proper working internet service. I have spend many past weeks writing legitimate letters of complaints to you, dealing with your bad services, bad and inadequate responses, rightfully complaining  about it , and I now fully now asked for compensation payments for me having done so too but you now had failed to to deal with this  too. My much wasted time because of your poor services is valuable as well.
So you even  lied in writing back to me now  and said to me that  you had given me  me the promised mail service in You had even lied to me in reply, in spite of the evidence contrary too, and not unexpectedly to me too, and you had said that my past complaints had been taken seriously and my email had been increased to 5000 per day when in reality I still could not send more than 250 per day the whole last month. Something I had complained about many times now too still to even you. I instead often get, got  these notes still from my Bell servers.
  ‘Response: 552 5.3.4 Requested action aborted; number of recipients or message quota reached
Server: ‘’
Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x800CCC6D
Protocol: SMTP
Port: 25
Secure(SSL): Yes”
“The connection to the server has failed. Account: ‘pb’, Server: ‘’, Protocol: POP3, Port: 995, Secure(SSL): Yes, Socket Error: 10061, Error Number: 0x800CCC0E
The connection to the server has failed. Account: ‘pk’, Server: ‘’, Protocol: POP3, Port: 995, Secure(SSL): Yes, Socket Error: 10061, Error Number: 0x800CCC0E”
As I have said my email and my internet services now even are no longer working   period , so I will take your reply   rightfully now  as further false harassment of me for Bell’s  false past, present failure to meet my contract  obligations, and a valid basis for my my own rightful subsequent payment demands. As per many many weekly, almost daily letters on the subject to  you, Bell, Bell Sympatico has undeniably, clearly falsely, unacceptably had broken it’s High speed unlimited internet contract contractual obligations to me the last 16 months. Since Bell itself has also renegaded on the last 2 make up agreements with me now as well, specifically those made in in July 2007 and in December 2007 with Bell executive personnel too and because I am peaceful loving person I next now do demand now  these terms of of the settlement to Bell Sympatico in relations to their past high speed internet contractual obligations with me –
a: Bell will pay me fully firstly for 1 year of past internet services, tax included for the much too many years it Bell did not provide me my high speed internet services, specially all of the year 2007.
b: In addition because Bell wants, wanted  to renegade my unlimited contract Bell will next solely charge me for the next 5 months of internet services as being fully unlimited and at the same monthly rather as in 2007 for December 2007, January 2008, February 2008, March 2008, April 2008.
c: Additionally Because Bell has a 100 dollars cancellation contract appropriately Bell will now instead pay me also 100 dollars now for me having to cancel their contract, services rightly too and Bell will pay for all associated costs rather too.
d: And Because Bell has cost me all this needles senseless aggravation, many hours loss of my time Bell will pay me 500 dollars for all the time I wasted dealing now with their poor services now as well.
e: Bell will also immediately give me a full detail printout by mail or email to of all my past, present monthly payments, even for the last 16 months April 2008 included and our internet relationship will terminate as of May 1, 2008 if this is all dully carried out next. By any Bell Violation of the intent of this agreement next they will pay me rightfully double of all I had now requested here.
3. I  had also said in response to your last legal Court threat to go ahead, we all need the publicity, but you have more to loose than I have next too. Your distorted reply saying that I have had adequate internet services from you on my  high speed Unlimited internet services was contradicted by your own past   admission of having given me to my account in January 2008 a credit for 6 months free internet services for Bell’s failure to keep your Internet contact obligations last year, never mind this year too.
4. Do you also abuse all of Bell’s customers who rightfully now claimed as personally evidenced too that you lie, do not return their phone calls, or adequately reply to my letters of complaints? clearly as you have wrongfully abused me!! You even once again in your letter today had threatened me next with possible legal actions if I do not comply with your version of the law, your perverted terms, distortions  and this clearly is also more unacceptable harassment of me, when I had specially said many times to you, Bell, that if you want any further payments from me for your poor services then go ahead and take me to court and I can gladly enter all my letters of complaints into the court record. I posted that on the net for all to read too along with most of my other complaints too as you already do know.
5. You lied and had said you had met your Internet service contractual obligations to me  when in fact only one of four weeks monthly that even  your internet had performed adequately in the last 9 months as I had witnessed and detailed to you in writing, and I had rightfully complained, and so have many other persons now too. This Internet service contract of yours it has been an undeniably bad, a very poor service, undeniably the worse service contract of any that I have personally undertaken , experienced in Canada in the last 50 years now too. And many other Bell customers have said the same thing to news editors, on TV, and on the net , to you  Bell as well. Just do a Google search on the net to see more evidence of this too.
6. Bell  now has acknowledged in writing to me On April 8, 2008  that a credit of  $307.32 was applied to my Sympatico account and your January 4 2008  invoice to me had reflected this, for my 6 months free internet services, but  why was it now that I have been unable to access this online Bell Sympatico Billing services of yours still to see it, as I  had complained in writing to you many times now too,  and why had Bell  accounting department refused to now even confirm this credit, and  Bell Billing  undeniably had refused also to mail  me a copy of these payments, billings, on all of the  related terms of agreements, and undeniably now as well. And into what account was this Bell credit next now put into? My supposedly old account 6 meg unlimited download  that I had in 2007 or into a new account of 2008 that some one in Bell  had falsify, had created without my knowledge, authorization, approval as well? Why had Bell, Billing  wrongfully failed to deal with this related complaint of mine now  too? How Bell stole my money!!! and Bell had promised me shortly, the last ten days an adequate reply on all of this and I have not gotten it to date.
7. As far as Bell’s subsequent false facing saving excuses, lies, distortions, to me and the news media too, with an inapplicable clause of Bell too,  you  falsely capping my bit torrent downloads ,in reality you should again note especially as I have pointed out to you before too, you had advertised unlimited downloads, and something that I had paid for and I agreed with Bell now, thus next I had also broken now no Bell contract or Canadian laws in the process. But Big Brother  you here lie, lied  and said I did. How can there be a cap on unlimited downloads internet services? That is clearly an unacceptable  oxymoron. You Bell thus are rather clearly unacceptably now guilty of bait and switch, false, misleading adverting to all of Bell’s customers and Bell now should be rightfully prosecuted, punished for it by all now too.
8: You even tried to insult me and mock me  in your reply, and you think that will soften me to deal kindly with you, do not be absurd. I posted and wrote many letters to you weekly and you now have replied with this very  poor one.. further showing the reality to all what you are like now. You also do  show to all how seriously you do not take customers complaints now too. I would not have to send you any emails, or the supposedly excessive emails if you had firstly had met your past contract obligations to me and provided me with a decent internet services, which you clearly had not as shown by my many letters.  Using my freedom of speech I can write as many  emails to you, to all, till you adequately address all of my complaints, and so far you have not even addressed the basic ones complaints of mine adequately still too.
9.  Read how I had already replied to you your false request of my understanding to comply with your request too.    Now as I have sent this to you as well..  “Bell… Adding Insult to Injury Submitted by Devils Advocate on Sat, 2008-03-29 18:30. For years, Bell has been rubbing its impunity our faces…

1) Virtually removing itself from public exposure.
No more administration offices to walk into. Front line employees are expected to take all complaints and keep them from escalating to anyone higher up.

2) Degrading and INSULTING Customer Service Practices.
Automated, central call handling systems that give the customer very few options to contact someone qualified. Customers spend inordinate, ridiculous amounts of time on the phone getting nowhere – ending up insulted and frustrated. Complete denial of any responsibility for problems at the Bell end, and complete disregard for any responsibility to the customer.

3) Turning complaints back on the customer.
Don’t ask Bell to investigate phone/network abuse from another provider (as required by CRTC/CCTS and the law). Don’t ask Bell not to spam you. Don’t ask Bell to give you a straight answer. Don’t ask Bell for the usual estimates, timelines, or anything else that goes along with contracting requests. Bell will tell you, flat-out, that what you’re asking is either your fault, not their responsibility, not an option, or (and this one’s the winner) cause to simply end the conversation!

4) Vague, ambiguous, illegal, strange contracts.
Poorly-worded contracts that say NOTHING, and are only constructed for Bell to “interpret” as needed by a situation. Bell constantly edits these contracts, without customer involvement or renegotiation, and never holds up their own part of the agreement anyway. (Example: “Unlimited” Account)

5) Now using 3rd parties outside of Canada.
It’s bad enough you can’t get satisfactory service from Bell within Canada, but now we’re getting virtually no English-speaking assistance, with no authority or understanding to take care of the damnedest issues.”

and that was someone else agreeing with my experiences with Bell now too.

“Bell, Your useless, very inadequate, foolish response is another perversion,   is another one side distorted Bell crap..  the reality is different.
>>We appreciate you for understanding us in this matter and thank you for  your cooperation.
is a perverse understanding on your part, for any contract Under Quebec law to exist and  to be valid it also requires the consent, conformance on the part of both parties, amongst many other items  and right now you are Bell still drastically in breach of your contractual obligations to me firstly and you cannot be paid for a new contract, for one cause we do not have one.. and if you disrupt my internet services I will sue you, expose you to all rightfully for personal harassment as well. I rightfully firstly expect your full cooperation firstly in all these matters, complaints of mine. Read all of letters , all 12 in the last few days too, and answer them all rightfully before you send me anymore crap like this too.
Firstly now Bell Sympatico you  neglect to  point out that in July 2007 and in December 2007  Bell has promised me and given me freely a 6 GB bandwidth per month and also 6 months free internet at unlimited download at the same 6 GB speed as per the December 13  2007 agreement with Bell. You wrongfully had neglected to state the unacceptable obvious as to how many times you Bell also had failed to live up to all of your contractual obligations to me .. and you did not even meet the 2 gb promised contract obligations as I have often detailed the last many months too. On top  of that as I have also posted all of this on the net for the whole world to read, so they rightfully will not use your services now too…..
‘Dealing with Bell is absurdity filled with problems. In spite of their adds, promises Bell Sympatico services are all mostly very poor, they also mostly break their promises to me too and they too Cleary do not honor their contract obligations, their own 2 days respond promises now too. As I have detailed many times elsewhere they Bell have never given me my one year reliable, steady, continuous high speed internet services too, have never kept their contract obligations I have been with Bell for many years. Note since Day one of even Jan 2007 I have hundreds of email that I had sent to Bell about their bad internet services too.. and I had sent copies the news media , to the Major MPs, for the last 15 months. I have a High speed unlimited Internet download contract with Bell since day one and they Bell next even had tried many times to have me up change from my 6 meg download account to their new Bell higher speed plans, and I had clearly refused saying back to them as to why should I go the higher speed plan when they could not even deliver me the promised 6 meg downloads, and also I had specially also said that if I had changed download plans I would lose my unlimited download plan, so I made no changes, authorized no changes to my contract with Bell the last 15 months. On top of all my many complaints about dealing with Bell on April 3 2007 by phone and in writing I specially also had asked Bell to give me simply a full detail listing of all my monthly payments, a full account statements specially for the last 15 months, and I told them I cannot seem to access my online Billing, something I have complained to them about before too, and they so far have refused this simple request too and the Bell have not done so to date. This is absurd, ridiculous and unacceptable in this computer age when they can spit out my legitimate request in a second. Bell Sympatico is quick to phone you and to harass you to demand their payments, but Bell Sympatico in return is very slow to deal with the customers, requests, problems in my 15 months experiences. To get proper services from Bell it is like mating elephants it has to be done at a very high level with plenty of thrashings and noise. Unacceptable. ‘
Why is Bell now so greedy?
“When Bell Sympatico next started too pester me by phone last and this year with their new more costly higher speed internet connection, even though they still had been unable for the last 9 months to supply my Bell promised unlimited 6 meg services. I next clearly had pointed also to them why would I do that when the competition is cheaper? I also always had asked Bell to keep their contractual obligations and they next never did.. Dealing with Bell is just absurd. dumb, costly, cumbersome.
$18.95 Internet Montreal Prices include tax
Residential High Speed ADSL without any Limits
No Blocked Ports or Traffic Shapping
Unlimited Downloading
100 GB of Online Storage
Up to 5 Mbps Download and 800 Kbps No Setup Fee
10. I have also said what one hand from Bell promises to gives to you, the other hand from Bell  next steals that too from you.. and fails to meet their promised contract obligations. You say to me in wrting you gave a credit to my account but Bell Billing had removed that credit in March 2008, and initiated a ticket, an investigation into the matter.
11. Note my many past specific objections, questions in writing they were still here not answered even, they were evaded, like who made the new Internet Contract changes? How much do these changes falsely cost me now too? Like I said rightfully Bell before to you too that you did not want to poorly respond to all my rightfully email letters of complaints to Bell the last 16 months now too, and you did not deal with all the issues now I had rightfully raised in the letters you had referred too.  I will gladly go to Queen’s court, and you can ask for your payment demands now there from me, and I gladly can enter all of my letters of complaints to the Queen’s courts too, the same ones that all of the news media does have now, and all of the major MPs too. Don’t bother to send me such useless crappy replies anymore for  it only rightfully upsets me more.. and it will cause you to lose a lot more business, support from others too. I want a decent, proper response from you and not this crap of yours. Now deal adequately with all of my complaints, rightful demands  immediately too.
Paul Kambulow 7781a thibert Street,  LaSalle- Montreal, Quebec h8n2c5,
Home  Tel 514-363-7316  (KMM16616921V25471L0KM) etc
copy to news editors, MPs, etc.,

 “If you were half as good at running a company as you were at lobbying, maybe you’d have a better network,”  Quebecor executive vice-president Luc Lavoie who took a shot at the quality of Bell Canada’s cellphone service: .
 The future is wireless, some would say  and the  past way they have mismanaged their past land line, ISP services too,  clearly indicates they will do it also next with the wireless services too at the users, customers expenses…
Recent discussions by both Bell and Rogers on their Corporate need  to get more and more money, with even any excuse, still out of consumers, and to throttle the downloads,  only all clearly confirms the reality as to how poorly managed these same companies in reality are still.. They too now have been wrongfully over subsidized by the CRTC, the Canadian  federal governments now too… now it is rather time the citizens got the break, protection.
Reality- Dirty Dirty Bell Sympatico …the most abusive Corporation, firm I have dealt in Canada in my lifetime. Paul Kambulow
 Not acceptable, and Comments are not  needed  FOR THERE IS NO WAY TO DISPROVE THE TRUTH..