apply Microsoft’s latest IE patch as soon as possible,

Microsoft Releases Critical Patch For IE Zero Day Flaw

 Dec.   2008   Microsoft (NSDQ:MSFT) issued an out-of-band emergency patch Wednesday for a zero-day Internet Explorer vulnerability that has opened the door for hackers to install malware on susceptible computers without any user intervention.

The flaw, which is given the highest severity rating of critical, affects all versions of Microsoft’s IE Web browser. Specifically, Microsoft’s IE update affects versions of Windows 2000 for IE 5.01: XP, XP Professional, Server 2003 for IE 6; and XP, Server 2003, Vista, Server 2008 for IE 7. The vulnerability was reported after the release of Windows IE 8 Beta 2, but Microsoft still recommends in its advisory that users apply the patch.

The IE security problem is the result of a fundamental flaw in the browser’s data binding function, which ultimately leaves a hole in the memory space that can be accessed by remote hackers. Internet Explorer can then quit unexpectedly while in an exploitable state.

Unlike other exploits, users have only to visit a malicious site infused with Trojans or other malware in order to become infected. Hackers can also entice victims to visit a specially crafted site, usually via some kind of phishing or social engineering scheme, or place infected banner ads on legitimate Web sites.

Once users open an infected Web page, malicious downloaders are then installed on their computers, which are designed to record keystrokes and steal passwords, credit card numbers, or other financial information. The users’ computer could also become part of a botnet, an infected network of compromised computers, operated by a central command and control center.

Security experts strongly recommend that users apply Microsoft’s latest IE patch as soon as possible, which can be downloaded from the Microsoft Web site.



Politicians in India

Remo speaks on national television (Times Now), about politicians of not just Goa but every politicians in India, that the “Politicians are not administrators, they are thieves, they join politics to make money, they have no respect for law and order, they do not even abide by what the Supreme Court orders. Law and police are in their pockets, there is no solution to their greed but to just shoot them down like mad dogs. But I can’t do that, I am not a criminal, I would probably just be out of this place someday.” [Some interruptions from the anchor here and then Remo continues] “You know, when I talk like this you people think I am just being cynical and pessimist, but am only being a realistic. We are also partly to be blamed because we think everything would be alright tomorrow. The reality is, that nothing is gonna be alright. Once we accept how bad things are only then would we be able to do something about it.”

Note it is not unrelated that major communications firms such as Bell Sympatico, Microsoft, Dell have outsourced their call centers to India, and many north American customers are undeniably appalled now next by the poor treatment they get, the pretence of decent customer services and their lies too from there. It seems too many of their managers too have never even heard of the ten commandments for a start.”.

Crooked computer dealers

Ouside of the church where I also had  encountered much too many crooked pastors now.. next the police, the lawyers, bad politicans, bad civil and public servants, bad nurses, bad doctors,  and the crooked computer dealers with their crooked accountants rightfully made me sick!!!

A person who sells Microsoft products, operating systems, uses this as a systematic  opportunity to  screw customers and this does not concern our governments, and even Microsoft apparently as they wrote back to me and said so too?

I had purchased 2 computer systems from 2 different places and they both next broke down requiring next very serious, major repairs, even motherboard replacements all done  on warranty but next how each dealer now had responded to the problems had differed drastically.  Compaq HP replaced my motherboard, memory, and reinstalled my Vista Operating system with no hassle, no cost and the computer still works great. In contrast Microbytes was clearly busy trying to screw me, the customers by charging them, me  extra for a computer replacement, a  hard drive replacement, my XP reinstallation, motherboard inspection too, all under warranty as well,  but their repairs even never did succeed in solving the computer’s problems, and the computer remained plaqued with crashing problems. This also turned out to be the worst computer I had ever owned of a dozen that I have had personally now too and I even have worked in 3 computer stores now, managed direcly one of them too…  

While the computer dealer in his  final servicing attempts had replaced my hard drive, not before he had tried to charge me extra  for installing the hard drive and for reinstalling the XP operating system, extra for inspecting the mother board too,  he still had not fixed this defective computer, even so I could even use it as a reliable back up computer. Next weeks later I decided myself to take another look at this computer, and so I did a search on the internet to find the likely causes of the problems, which basically boiled down to the hardware? motherboard, processor, hard drive, or the cabling? specifically the clearly the original cheap 2 dollar ide cable that was installed on this computer   that had led now to about 19 hard disk crashes.. So next I bought decent cabling from Future shop  and it did the trick, it solved the problem.. and something the same dealer could not do in the week he had the computer too, because clearly  he was too busy it seems thinking how he can screw me for extra money firstly.




Sent: Sunday, April 13, 2008 6:12 AM
Subject: RE: SRX1064255045ID – – LaSalle ‘MicroBytes Pointe-Claire 940 boul. St-Jean #B15 Pointe-Claire,Québec PHONE 514-426-2586

Hello Paul, Thank you for contacting Microsoft Customer Service.

I would like you to know .. this is not related to Microsoft

I hope the above information is helpful to you.

Thank you, Rinku  Microsoft Customer Service Representative

>>Unfortunately as I have witnessed  Microbytes employees firsthand  also similarly abusing other customers in their store, Microbytes screws their customers by charging the customers extra money even under warranties when there is a  problem with their computer or a hard drive, even  under warranty or extended warranty. What they do basically is charge you, their customer ,  each time you go to them for a problem with your computer  purchase, a 100 dollar service fee, for checking the mother board, for reinstalling the hard drive, etc., when it is under warranty but now also   top of that they basically do not even fix the problems. They have already replaced my mother board  and my coprocessor as well once, and my hard drive now even recently  in the last 2 years.
This is the second worst computer store I have even seen , and I now myself had worked in 3 computer stores  now too. I have serviced, repaired there or built hundreds of computers as well before I retired due to heart health problems over a decade ago.. But at least I did a professional, honest job for a start.
Anyone who knows me knows I do not let crooks I have witnessed get away with it.. Not even Bell Sympatico or the RCMP…

 Public exposure and prosecution of the guilty persons serves as the best solution deterrent as well.

There is no question about it some of the most disreputable persons I have personally  encountered in Canada in  the last 25 years were not just the bad crooked cops, bad professionals such as nurses, doctors, lawyers too, but also those persons I had met related to computers, and that included computer store owners and their employees too, internet service providers, related accountants and even bad customers trying to avoid paying their taxes on their computer purchases.


It is the owner of computer stores like the Montreal- LaSalle Microbytes that also continues to wrongfully give the computer industry a bad rap.